Narated by Neal Arango, 8 hours, 59 minutes

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In a land where stories of the Shadow Demon keep children shivering in bed and tales of the Yorel bring hope to the commoner, Yosyph is both the reason for their fear and their hope.

By day, Yosyph appears nothing more than a mute tavern-hand. By night, he plans a revolution and slips through shadow, rescuing those marked for death by the xenophobic queen.

When he learns that thousands of his people will be sent as slaves to the mines, he must choose — fight the royal army with an ill-prepared rebellion or journey to the land of his ancestors through the deadly King's Trial. If he succeeds, he'll win his kin's loyalty and their help.

His journey grows complicated when he rescues a maiden and enrages a prince, but if he doesn't return with help in time, the people he's loved and secretly served will be gone.

Whitney Awards Nominee 2019


About the Author: M.L. Farb

Ever since M. L. Farb climbed to the rafters of a barn at age four, she’s lived high adventure: scuba diving, rock climbing, and even riding a retired racehorse at full gallop--bareback. She loves the thrill and joy.

She creates adventures, fantasy, and fairy tale retellings.

The writing style is smart and engaging. Brave young men, vivacious heroine. Vibrant world, exciting stakes… I’d recommend to fans of Blades of Acktar, The Queen’s Thief, and The Minstrel’s Song!
– H.S.J. Williams, author of Fairest Son
Her voice and storytelling were addicting.
– L.P. Masters
A Whitney Awards Nominee 2019
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bout the Narrator: Neal Arango

Neal has always had a great passion for performing and making people smile from a young age. His first role was Sneezy in a performance of Snow White in the 3rd grade. Ever since then, he pursued acting whole heartedly, getting roles in highschool plays and majoring in theater in college, as well as doing community theater.

Reading books has always been another great passion, especially of the sci-fi and fantasy genre and after learning about audiobooks and learning he could do both of those, it has been like a dream come true to be able to truly do what he loves.

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