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FROST BURN by K. T. Munson and Nichelle Rae

by K. T. Munson & Nichelle Rae

Fire and Frost; no two nations have ever been so divided. Only two bridges across the great River Gora connects them and their long standing hatred. When spring comes early, the Frost Nation looks upon the Fire Nation with suspicion. Soon they will discover that the rising rivers, warmer temperatures, and the earthquakes are all a result of something far more terrifying then each other. When the world seems to turn against them they will only have each other to look to. Can they put their differences aside long enough to fix their planet? They must or face extinction.

Darha looked up at her brother desperately. “Do they know anything yet?”

Coor shook his head and rested his hand on her shoulder. “No, not yet.”

“Do they have a clue?” she begged.

He rested his other hand on her shoulder as if to hold her together. “All we can do right now is get these people to safety and then head back to the palace and wait for the results.”

Panic rose up in her chest. She glanced away from Coor’s eyes in an attempt to hide it, but her brother knew her better than that. “Darha, you have to calm down. You can’t let your people see you like this.”

“I know. I know,” she said, and then met his eyes again. “But I’m scared.”

Coor nodded. “I know you are.”

Darha shook her head. “How do you fight this?”

Coor sighed helplessly.

“How do you stop nature that’s bent on killing your entire nation? How do you fight a storm, Coor?” she cried, giving into the panic for a moment.

“Hey, hey,” Coor said, gripping her shoulders more firmly and lowering himself to her eye level. “We will figure it out.”

“Coor! Darha!” Both of them turned in the direction of Thea’s voice. She made her way up the grassy hill until she was in front of them. “The team that went to the East is returning.”

All three of them headed down the hill to meet the approaching mounted scouts that were coming up along the edge of the river. Darha was in no shape to deal with this. If they were coming back this soon, the news was almost certainly going to be devastating.

The front man of the six-man team dismounted his horse as Coor, Thea, and Darha approached. He gave a slight bow to the Queen before looking at Thea. “What of the Eastern Bridge?” Thea asked him.

The look in his eyes told Darha all she needed to know. He shook his head sadly. “It’s gone.”

“Damn,” Thea said softly, bowing her head.

There were only two bridges across the River Gora that led to the hostile Frost Nation to the south. The two nations had had bad blood between them for hundreds of years, but they needed the trade of the Frost Nation offered—oil and wood to keep the Fire Nation’s lamps and hearths lit and livestock fences mended. In return, the Fire Nation provided them with the metal tools they needed for their livelihood. One of those bridges was now lost. Darha’s heart was racing because the scouts that had been sent to check on the Western Bridge hadn’t returned yet. If that bridge was gone as well, both nations would slowly suffocate. That is, if they didn’t flood first.

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K.T. Munson is an independent author who enjoys creating worlds with words. First published at 5 years old in the young writers conference, she has pursued writing ever since. She maintains a blog creatingworldswithwords.wordpress.com that is about writing and her novels. She was born and raised in the last frontier, the great state of Alaska.

Find her online:

-Twitter @ktmunson

Nichelle Rae was born and raised in Massachusetts. Her love for writing began when she was fourteen years old. Through the years she has gotten much praise from peers, professors, and professional author’s she has had a chance to work with on her writing and her ability to put emotions into text and fantastic action scenes.

Find her online:

-Twitter @Nichelle_Writes

Find the book online:

-Twitter @Frostburn_Books

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  1. Hello! Thanks so much for joining us on this stop on the Frost Burn excerpt tour. We really appreciate Kit 'N Kabookle hosting us.

    If there are any questions, my co-author and I will be popping in periodically to answer them. You may be wondering what it was like to co-author together. Did we get along? Did we want to strangle each other? What was our process like since we've never met in person? :)

    No, we've never met. I'm from Massachusetts and KT is from Alaska, and we wrote this book together in a year. :) So feel free to ask away! We'll both be around.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

    1. Hi again Mai T.! I saw this question on yesterday's blog stop and responded, but I'll tell you here as well. :) It's New Zealand for me. (Lord of the Rings fan here...it's GOTTA be New Zealand. :D)

  3. Another great question. Gosh I've only traveled to a few places but have a bit of a obsession with Europe. It just has so much history! I'd love to split my time, half my time in Alaska and then when winter hits run to Europe and snow bird there.

  4. Great excerpt, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by. :)