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by R. J. Merle

A dangerous conspiracy unfolds...

In Author R.J. Merle’s whirlwind start of the Children of the Elements series, a clumsy teenage techno-geek struggles to protect kidnapped children from a covert government organization responsible for creating their abilities to control the five elements.

A mighty wind…

Eighteen-year-old Stedford Thackett’s conspiracy theorist brother ensnares him in a real life children-as-weapons plot, while a determined scientist grooms happy-go-lucky five-year-old Darcie Lynn Carpenter to use the wind as a deadly weapon.

Out of control...

Despite the firm hand of Scientist Nora Hicks, Stedford struggles to rescue the kids and escape, even as Darcie Lynn fights to gain control of the surging power of the savage winds.

No matter what she had to do, Darcie Lynn Carpenter was going home. Weren’t nobody going to stop her.

Dreary and sad, the rain fell from the clouds like the whole wide sky cried buckets of tears. How did the rain smell so much like dirt, and wet dirt so like rain?

Not waiting for Miss Nora to say so, she tugged the oxygen tube free. She blew air out her nose to rid herself of the plastic yuck.

The strong breeze—all grabbing, slapping, giving, taking—whipped the tubing away. The tank’s handle ripped from her grip. Ping. Clank. The tank rolled, dropped off the hilltop. Gone.

“Wait,” Nora said in the button thing in her ear, “we haven’t obtained our readings.”

No more of Nora’s scolding.

None of her lies.

Pulling the clip from her earlobe, Darcie Lynn dug the ear-button out of the other ear, dropped both, and played on. She coughed. Floaty lightness dipped into her forehead. Kind of like when she sneaked and ate too much fudge in one day.

“Do it, Darcie Lynn,” yelled Junior.

A squeeze in her head, and the coughing stopped. Stedford did good because the new collar thingy made play easier. She waved and circled her fingers.

The breeze whirred.

Just outside the town below, a twister blew up.

Within seconds, she sent a tornado, half again as wide as the earlier one in the field, toward the way Junior showed her.

Even though the little girl part of her on the hill cried, the wind-play piece of her soared.



-What inspired you to become a writer?

Books like Stephen King’s Firestarter and The Talisman (a collaboration with Peter Straub) shared worlds, adventures, and characters that intrigued, thrilled, and elicited emotion to pull me in as a reader so deeply and satisfyingly that I wanted to write fiction and become a storyteller as well.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

In the world of Savage Winds, I would rally with Stedford Thackett and his older brother to help the psychically gifted Children of the Elements escape from their kidnappers.

-Give us a fun or interesting fact you learned researching this book.

The Serial Killer Earth series was an awesome resource. I learned about the force of mudslides, tornados filled with fire, effects of lightning strikes, etc. from watching this series on the History Channel. The possibility of the natural force of the elements controlled by children with psychic powers intrigued me.

Also, for later in the series, I researched electromagnetic pulse (EMP) blasts and geomagnetic storms, thus the question: When nature refuses to be controlled, can mankind endure?

-Which of your characters would you go out for pizza with?

Eighteen-year-old Stedford Thackett, though clumsy and socially awkward, has a thing for pizza and technology. He’s a techno-geek dragged into a situation that’s way over his head and is caring, funny, and interesting in a totally geekified way, and I would enjoy sharing extra-cheese slices with him.

-If you could go back in time and give your pre-published self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Even writing only 15 minutes a day will net a full-sized novel in a year; therefore, I would say, “R.J., use every possible 15-minute increment, write, repeat.”

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Romance is a genre that I don’t think I could ever master. Hat tip to all romance writers out there, but I’ll stick with Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, and Suspense.


Author R.J. Merle stepped out of the realm of Top-Secret documents (shh, don’t tell…) to write sci-fi and paranormal fiction.

R.J. survived and escaped both the entertainment field and the government-contracting environment, craves the Walking Dead, and entertains what-if tidbits about “supposed” technological and biological advances.

No stranger to the goings on in the city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, R.J. Merle blends a down-home flavor with a former in-the-know—hypothetically, of course—technical background to craft the twists and intrigue of Secret City Adventures.

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