Friday, September 5, 2014


by Justine Winter

I was a hybrid werewolf with a secret destiny shadowed by a prophecy the Ancient Guardians foretold. The same Ancient Guardians that had organised the annual Alpha summit Riley had been summoned to.

Since Jackson’s demon threat everyone was powered up on overtime at the gym. Train, sweat, repeat. Train, sweat, repeat.

But all that rage-filled preparation wasn’t enough. We were being targeted by something new, and it didn’t stop there.

The summit was proving to be my nemesis. Egotistical morons challenged me with threats to the one I loved, and I knew I couldn’t endure a life without Riley.

Besides all of that, there was one thing I was finally understanding about the supernatural. Nothing was as it seemed.

Not even me.


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Whenever I’m writing there’s a strong possibility that at any given moment the words will run away from me. They hide in the recesses of my mind, and most often it takes a little coaxing to find the suckers. Like an insane game of hide and seek - because I’m clearly losing it. Hide and seek with my brain? #CrazyChild Sometimes I need a little direction, and music tends to unlock the path to my creativity. Here’s my condensed playlist with the melodies and lyrics that helped me dump the funk. And if you want to listen to the entire list then check it out on Spotify titled Sapphire’s Divinity.

Black Eyed Peas - Anxiety
When I found this one, I felt like it summed up Luna’s current situation. She’s suffered with anxiety for years, and now with her newfound werewolf-ness her body is changing and she’s having to deal with a whole load of new feelings. She doesn’t understand what’s really happening to her, and blames it on anxiety. But is that really the case?

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain
Now that Luna has found Riley, there’s little she wouldn’t do for him. But there’s a new challenge on the horizon, and she’s having to face the idea of a life without him. She knows she can’t do that. She needs him. “’Cause there’ll be no sunlight, if I lose you, baby.”

Kanye West – Stronger
At the end of Nature’s Destiny (book 1), Luna learns that she really needs to start training because of who she is, and what she’s capable of. The supernatural community is depending on her. This song, besides its uber motivational beat for her workouts, also has that all important line: “That, that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.”

Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
I’ll be honest with you, I wanted this song in the playlist mostly because I love it. As far as its relevance to the storyline, the best it can offer is motivation when Luna’s working out - which actually did help me write. It’s a fantastic, upbeat song that really makes you want to get up and bounce around the room. If you haven’t heard it yet, I suggest you plug it in to the biggest speakers you can find, and just let your happy shine for the three minutes it plays.

Skillet - What I Believe
You know, this song works for both Luna and Riley. With everything they’re facing, the fact they have each other is the constant that keeps them going, to fight what they’re up against. “You are what I believe, I’ll live and die for you.”

Skillet – Rise
This is the song that pretty much sums up Sapphire’s Divinity and what’s to come. A war is brewing. Can they make it out alive?
“Every day you need a bulletproof vest, to save yourself from what you could never guess. Am I safe today, when I step outside in the wars we wage?”


I’ve always lived a life based on my imagination, from hopeless dreams of romance to concocting alternate realities involving supernaturals. I’m completely fascinated with anything hero-related, and often speculate which superpower I’d possess. I haven’t settled on one yet.

I was born in England, and currently reside in Wales, UK. I love to write, and most days you’ll find me happily tapping away at the computer whilst in my pyjama-clad bubble. I also spend my time reading, and if that isn’t enough I’m often in the kitchen baking up a treat.

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