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BABY GIRL DOE by Lawrence Kelter

BABY GIRL DOE by Lawrence Kelter
Book 5 in the Chalice mystery series

Everyone deserves a well-earned vacation, don’t they? Guess again!

Plans have been made and the bags are packed but Detective Stephanie Chalice is having about as much fun as Michael Vick at an ASPCA fundraiser.

The new story finds Chalice and Lido on the East End of Long Island, vacationing with Max, their new arrival. Things go wrong from the very start. Their vacation rental burns to the ground, bodies pile up, and just to make things interesting Lido . . . Well, I’ll just leave it to you to find out.

Chalice may be out of her jurisdiction but she's never out of questions or determination and soon connects two unsolved homicides. As always, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and her initial findings plunge her deeper and deeper into the most extraordinary investigation of her career.

I zigzagged between the two opposing lanes of traffic as I gave pursuit.

He was in a flat-out run, but I was not going to be beaten. Not now, not with Gus’ captor in sight. I reached down deep and found an extra gear, one that I didn’t know existed. I was running so fast, I felt as if I could take off. I was closing in on him: two yards behind . . . one . . .

I lunged and took him down by the ankles. As he attempted to kick free, I pounced upon him, fists flying. I hauled back and was ready to pummel him when I froze. “You? It’s you?” The face I was about to strike was one I had seen before, but looked nothing like the person I had seen on the ladder outside my bedroom window. This man was the one who told me there was absolutely nothing suspicious about the fire the day I first inspected the remains of Bill Alden’s cottage. Two bodies, burnt beyond recognition—now I understood who would use that specific MO. Dummy, you couldn’t make the connection?

“You son of a bitch.” I heard the sound of others running toward me, but my fist was clenched.

“Chalice, we’ve got him,” Ambler said. “Don’t!”

There was no force on heaven or earth strong enough to keep me from striking him, this man who had turned my family’s world upside down and put my husband’s life at risk. I drove my fist into his jaw and heard it crack. I was ready to hit him again when someone grabbed my arm. I looked up and saw Gus. His cheek was swollen, and there was dried blood on his face.

“Thanks, babe,” he said, “I’ll take it from here.”

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-What made you want to write?

I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a writer. As a matter of fact I was voted The Individual Least Likely to Visit a Library while in high school. If you don’t believe it I’ll scan my high my yearbook and post it on Facebook for the entire world to see. Just a painful heads-up—my yearbook picture is absolutely dreadful. Beyond that, I’ve always wanted to write. I enjoy it, and in some odd way I feel as if I’m creating a legacy and memorializing myself with my books. I hope that my books will live on long after I’m gone.

-What draws you to suspense?

I write in the genre I read. I’m a huge fan of DeMIlle, Patterson, Coben, Deaver, etc. I live for suspense, and I’ve devoted my entire writing career toward writing books that are as suspenseful as they can possibly be—to me, a book without a twisty plotline is nothing more than a big yawn. My dream is to create a the reveal to end all reveals, one that is right up there with the moment in Star Wars when Darth Vader told Luke Skywalker, “Luke, I am your father.” I’d like readers to say, “that guy, Kelter, he really had me going, and then…”

-Name a fun fact you learned researching this project.

In The Brain Vault, the third book in the Stephanie Chalice series, I needed a dark and mysterious setting for one of the scenes that took place in Lower Manhattan. After quite a bit of research I unearthed the Beach Pneumatic Subway System, a very early subway that predated New York’s modern subway system. The train was pushed back and forth by fans. More intriguing still, the entire subway was built covertly under the pretext that mail delivery tubes were being constructed under the ground. Rumor has it that the ruins are still there under Lower Manhattan. It made for the perfect setting in the book.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

Heck, I go out with all of them (especially of they’re buying). I mean if they’re not interesting enough to belly up to the bar with … I mean come on. From Stephanie Chalice to Gus Lido to Ma, to Nigel Twain, all the regulars in the Stephanie Chalice series are deep, dark, complicated, and funny. I’ve done my best to create real, three dimensional personalities, people you’d want to spend time with.

-For aspiring writers, any tips?

Advice to new writers: PERSEVERE! The publishing business has never been an easy one and it’s certainly not getting any easier. Everyone with access to a computer is writing a book and trying to publish it. The good news is that the basics still hold true: Get as good at your craft as humanly possible before you enter the publishing arena. If your work is truly good and unique it will sell. Marketing and hype are more important to your success than ever before so remember that after you type the word “END” your real job is just beginning.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

I can’t say a genre exists that I couldn’t write but there are several I’m not really drawn to. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever write a conventional romance but that’s not to say I could turn one out. I think that a professional writer can write anything he really puts his or her mind to. Okay, erotica—I definitely don’t see myselfpenning one of those unless I get seriously drunk and then I’d title it Fifty Shades of Grey Goose.


A resident New Yorker, Kelter often uses Manhattan and Long Island as backdrops for his stories. He is the author of the Stephanie Chalice Mystery Series and other works of fiction.

Early in his writing career, he received support from best-selling novelist, Nelson DeMille, who reviewed his work and actually put pencil to paper to assist in the editing of the first novel. When completed, DeMille said, “Lawrence Kelter is an exciting new novelist, who reminds me of an early Robert Ludlum.”

His novels are quickly paced and feature a twist ending.

Visit his website. Connect with him on Facebook, and follow Lawrence on Twitter @LarryKelter.

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