Friday, April 4, 2014

Guest Post: THE MAN TEST by Amanda Aksel

by Amanda Aksel

Amanda Aksel is solving love’s most complicated quandaries one novel at a time and reinventing traditional publishing for independent authors.

Amanda Aksel’s debut novel The Man Test released on March 25th and has been well received by readers and reviewers alike. While Amanda loves creating interesting and relatable stories, she strives to be much more than an author. Amanda writes about topics like infidelity, commitment issues, infertility, and balancing work and home life, issues that plague many women. In addition to bringing some light to these difficult topics, Amanda hopes to become a resource to her readers by providing sources and solutions on her blog. “Connecting with my readers on a deeper level is so important to me. I write not just to entertain but also to inspire thought and action. I want to empower readers to have the courage to search their souls and ask the tough questions."

Empowering readers is just the start. Amanda wants to empower authors as well. She, along with authors Heather Hildenbrand and SaraJean Panek, recently started a collaborative publishing house called Elephantine Publishing. “We’ve dubbed it collaborative publishing because we want to provide the resources of a large publisher while allowing the author creative freedom and more ownership. It’s a partnership,” says Amanda Aksel.

Check out Amanda Aksel’s new release The Man Test, and if you’re an author looking for a publishing partner then check out Elephantine Publishing.

Marin Johns is San Francisco’s Pollyanna couples therapist. She’s months away from wedded bliss when she discovers her fiancĂ© is having an affair. After nursing her broken heart with Kleenex and break-up songs, she adopts a new brand of thinking when she uncovers a tell-all book that proves all men are liars and cheaters who will do and say anything so they’re not found out. No exceptions.

In an attempt to convince her friends of her newfound truth, she begins a fictitious relationship with James, a do-gooder from Montana. Marin seeks any means necessary to catch him cheating from hiring a PI to enlisting the help of a fidelity tester. Will her new "boyfriend" beat the statistic or will Marin regret the satisfaction of being right?


Amanda Aksel is an author with an affinity for love. Becoming a couple’s therapist was her “backup” career, and after completing her BA in Psychology she was on her way to solving love's most complicated quandaries one couple at a time. The Man Test is Amanda’s debut novel, and now she plans to solve love's most complicated quandaries one novel at a time.
Amanda on Facebook and on Twitter @amandaaksel



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