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OUT OF PRACTICE APHRODITE (Naughty Goddess Chronicles, #1) by S.E. Babin
A light paranormal mystery

Abby’s major screw-up brings the wrath of Zeus upon her head. He offers her a choice – work for him or spend the rest of her days hanging out in Hades with her ex-husband. For Abby, this choice is a no-brainer, especially when Zeus says the only thing he wants her to do is make a love match.

She’s the Goddess of Love. What could go wrong?


Abby stumbles into an ex-lover, a dead demi-god and the realization that a crucial relic has been stolen right out from underneath Zeus’ nose. Eris, the Goddess of Chaos and Discord, is behind the theft and murder and the faltering powers Abby is trying to keep secret. With Zeus breathing down her neck, she’ll need to keep her wits about her as she races against the clock and Zeus’ imposed two-week time period.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Not only is she struggling with a budding attraction to a sexy lawman and feelings for long-time friend, Hermes, she’s also trying to keep everyone out of the path of a vengeful goddess while saving the Earth and Olympus from the reign of a tyrant. What’s a goddess to do when the fate of the world rests upon her fashionable shoulders?

“Ma’am, mind telling me why your little gang is here?” Although I loved his baritone, I took offense at his tone and felt myself bristle.

“We’re here to see a friend,” I said, my tone icy.

His face gave nothing away, but his cold eyes told me he knew there was much more I wasn’t telling him.

“We received a phone call about ten minutes ago about a disturbance in this area.”

Impossible, I thought. There’s no one around to see anything. “Who called you?”

“None of your business, ma’am.” He tipped his hat at me and turned to Artie.

“Hi, Officer,” Artie chirped a little too brightly, especially since there was a dead guy lying less than fifty feet from us.

He said nothing but whipped out a notebook from his pocket. He flipped it open to a clean page, extracted a pen from his uniform pocket, and barked, “Name.”

“Jane Smith,” Artie said.

At his tilted brow and look of disbelief, I groaned inwardly. This couldn’t go worse if we had planned it.

“Nice name,” he said, condescension dripping from his voice.

Artie, clueless to his sarcasm, grinned widely at him. “It’s a family name.”

“I’m sure it is.” He then turned to Ares.

“And you are?”

Ares offered him a superior smile and said, “John Smith.”

I choked on a hysterical giggle. We were about to get cuffed and thrown in the pokey if we weren’t careful. The officer let out a deep sigh and closed his notebook.


-What made you want to write?

First, thank you so much for hosting me today! I’ve always loved to write, but it became a serious love affair about six or seven years ago. Life tends to get in the way of big dreams, so I finally realized if I wanted to be published I had to learn how to balance both.

You’re welcome. It’s great having you! And yes, life does indeed have that tendency. 

-What draws you to your genre of choice?

I’m an escapist reader. I don’t like to sit down and be taught when I read. I want to be entertained. Almost everything I write has a lighthearted tone to it. Even though things can (and do) get serious in my novels, for the most part everyone keeps a pretty good sense of humor about things.

-Name a fun fact you learned researching this project.

I learned that Aphrodite and Hermes had a sexy little rendezvous resulting in a loooove child! That child was named Hermaphroditus and is now a symbol for androgyny.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

I love all of my characters, but Artie holds a soft spot for me. We could hammer back a few and get into a heated debate about all things Doctor Who.

-For aspiring writers, any tips?

There will probably be a loud groan of resignation from the aspiring writers out there when I say this, but it’s good advice for a reason! Write, write, write and when you don’t want to write anymore, keep on writing! For me this advice is not just for the pursuit of publication, it’s also for the pursuit of craft perfection. You cannot improve if you don’t keep practicing.

I also think attitude is extremely important. This is a tough business to be in. Criticism can sting. It’s someone insulting your sweet little bundle of joy! It hurts. How you deal with it determines how far you’ll soar. Also, rejection is commonplace. You can choose to take it personal, or you can set that rejection letter aside and type out another query to send somewhere else. Not everyone is going to pick up what you’re putting down. Keep a smile on your face (even when it feels like a grimace) and keep those fingers on the keyboard!

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Political thrillers. That type of research would result in me drooling on the keyboard.


Sheryl has had a book in her hands pretty much from the time she could hold things with her hands. Her love of reading turned into a curious exploration to see whether or not she could write her own. Beginning with random, terrible poetry and a slightly popular reimagining of Beowulf’s Grendel in her high school English class, Sheryl ended up spending way too much time in the library, killing any chance of her becoming a cheerleader or anything even remotely cool.

Sheryl has a fondness for humorous, lighthearted stories but also secretly covets bad-ass leather wearing chicks who curse too much. It helps if they’re funny, too. She writes a little bit of everything but is currently focusing on light paranormal mysteries. Visit her at

Also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @HungryBiblio.

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