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BLOOD'S FORCE by Ellis Morning

by Ellis Morning

Where superstition is law, there is no order!

Dame Jessamine is a knight errant with a spaceship for a steed, a pupil of ancient science and technology who quests on behalf of the downtrodden. She's accustomed to forging her own path through the galaxy—until she's hijacked at sword-point and sent to investigate Nidaros, a remote barony known for bursts of rebellion.

In Nidaros, Jessamine finds a populace short on food and patience, innocents detained for torture, and a court trapped in a web of delusion. The Baron considers her a distraction. The magicians, convinced of a "curse," dismiss her pleas for rational action. Even as Jessamine forges an alliance with the soldiers, an unknown foe seeks to frame her as an agitator.

Stuck amid murderous intrigue and cut off from her mentors, Jessamine must figure out how to save Nidaros from starvation. But the only people who understand the true "curse" have been accused of witchcraft—and if Jessamine's not careful with her ancient knowledge, she'll join them in the dungeon!

Blood’s Force is Book 1 of the Sword and Starship series of science fiction/fantasy adventure.

At my strange accusation, Ingvar halted within the estate corridor as though he’d struck an invisible wall, staring at me in bloodless terror.

My glee never faltered. I stopped at his side, grinning. “What else do you think is full of it?”

He remained transfixed, probably not sure what to make of the bizarre tone accompanying my questions.

“Want me to go first? Gladly.” I bounced on my toes, giddy enough to illustrate the blasphemy I hoped to hear from him. “How about Master Ormyr pushing off important business to schmooze? How about Baron Tristan knuckling under because of Ormyr’s ‘magic’ drivel?”

“And what of knights errant, and the tripe ye peddle from one cesspool to the next?” Ingvar snapped. A scowl chased away his disconcertment. Annoyance restored the color to his face. “The only loyalty any of ye arse-head sellswords know is to your coin-purse! Ye serve no actual purpose short of bashing each other’s heads in and dazzling people with lies!” An accusing finger jabbed at my nose. “Your garbage may impress the others, but I’m wise to you! Pretending like ye’re the next coming of Zander. Sk√≠ta! If ye’d ever actually earned a shred of Lord Catherwood’s confidence, he’d have made you a proper knight in his service! Don’t know what ye’re supposed to be doing here, but damned if I’ll let you make things worse!”

At this welcome display of nerve and candor, I burst out laughing. Weak knees backpedaled me against a wall, where I doubled over, laughing until every assisting muscle ached and I struggled to breathe.



-What inspired you to become a writer?

I wrote as a hobby for many years, but the thought of it becoming my career never even entered my mind—until one day, both my husband and I found ourselves burned out on our full-time jobs and decided to take the plunge into self-employment. While he launched into training, consulting, and programming, I buckled down and finished a novel. Two years later, we couldn't be happier about our respective transitions!

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

Find an intact spaceship and bring it home with me. Chances are good that no one was using it anyway!

-Give us a fun or interesting fact you learned researching this book.

I had to do a lot of research on microgravity, owing to the fact that Dame Jessamine's spaceship doesn't have working gravity plates. She always tries to keep her travel times to a minimum, because prolonged exposure to microgravity causes one's muscles to atrophy. If she needs to travel a long distance, she'll do it in chunks, stopping every so often for breaks (and to look for quests).

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks and pizza with?

Ingvar Leirfall and the other soldiers from Nidaros are a fun group to hang around with. Given they lack experience with modern amenities, even a low-scale pizza joint or dive bar is liable to blow their minds. But I'd also want Dame Jessamine there. She's good at managing a crowd and telling a story. Maybe even a true story, if you ask nicely.

-If you could go back in time and give your pre-published self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Everything will take longer than you think. "I'll have that chapter drafted in one week!" More like two. "My manuscript just needs a few tweaks before it's good to go." Try several months of extensive rewrites!

But it's OK! Don't feel like you have to be done by a certain point. Make peace with the fact that estimating these things is hard. Just make a little progress every day, and you'll get there. It's better than rushing crap out the door.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Erotica! LOL I'm not at all comfortable writing that stuff, but more power to the people who are!


Ellis has always loved staging adventures in her head before going to sleep each night. When she was twelve, she started putting these adventures on paper.

For the next twenty years, she wrote with varying degrees of seriousness, but always as a hobby. In that time, she fell in love with Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut, the original Star Trek series, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Science fiction became her favorite domain to work in, but she also enjoyed reading fantasy, horror, Western, and detective stories, and incorporating their elements into her work. One of her favorite things to do was make people laugh.

Ellis denied being a writer for decades. But then she sold articles to The Daily WTF, and a short story to Analog Science Fiction and Fact. After quitting her full-time job to finish her first novel, it was time to own up to writing as her calling. She's currently an editor at The Daily WTF, and having the time of her life penning novels and short stories.

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