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A DARK TYRANNY by C. M. Pendleton

by C. M. Pendleton

A Dark Tyranny chronicles the onset of the savage invasion of Altaris. Wolven beasts and gorgons ravage the four realms of man. Rumors of an ancient and greater evil lay in their wake. The rule of kings is at an end. The hierarchy of class and heritage are no more, as families are torn apart and lives are forever changed. A small few find their fates intertwined, as they fight for survival and for those they love.

An exiled commander is thrust back into a world he longed to forget. A lone Nighteye finds his curse lifted and his true image restored.

A young noblewoman struggles to escape a gorgon caravan.

A former slave befriends an ancient and majestic creature.

The afflicted brother of a traitorous king discovers a secret that could cost him his life.

A Dark Tyranny is a thrilling epic that brings readers into a vivid world full of magic, adventure, and treachery. Discover the world of Ehl├╝r and experience the beginning of a gripping saga.

“I can smell the ocean,” said Luras.

“Yes. It is still far off, but the open land lets the wind carry it through the hills,” replied Matthias.

“This land is beautiful. I have never been this far north. These trees look as if they could stand and walk.”

“They can … and they only eat Bourne, so they're quite hungry.”

“What an end that would be,” laughed Luras. “Make the journey north, fighting wolves and such … only to be swallowed up by a tree.”

“Don't worry. I would tell no one. I'd never admit it,” laughed Matthias.

“Why are they this way?”

“The trees … I don't know. I heard that they were uprooted from another land and planted here by Granduers thousands of years ago. They left some of the roots exposed so they could make beds on them and sleep among the trees. It's just a story though. I think this is just the way the trees are.”

“You were from the north … at one time?”

“That was a long time ago.”

“I would find this land worth fighting for.”

“Yes … but you end up fighting for a person and not the land. You will find the Northern Realm to be inhospitable. This is why it hasn't fallen to these invaders. It is as violent as it is beautiful … and its beauty is never ending.”

“What part of this realm did you live in?” asked Luras.

“I was mostly gone … traveling across this realm and the others. Fighting. My home, though, was at the sea's edge. My wife and son lived there.”

“I would like to see the ocean,” said Luras.

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C. M. Pendleton is the author of the epic fantasy series Of Darkness & the Light. He holds a bachelor’s degree in science and attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and four children.

Find him online:

-Twitter @cm_pendleton

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  1. What'd be the author's dream cast if the book were made into a movie?

  2. I enjoyed reading the excerpt today.

  3. love the excerpt, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello!
    Thank you for hosting.

    The dialogue about the trees is actually a joke between the two. The lore is accurate, but the eating part is said in jest. But...killer trees, hmmmmm *makes note for future books*

    -Finn could be played by Eddie Redmayne
    -Matthias by Chris Hemsworth or a young Russell Crowd type
    -Ellison should be played by a young Jude Law type
    -Luras should be a relative unknown actor
    -Nylah needs to be an actress with a Mediterranean heritage

    If you like the book, make sure to read the current issue of SciFi Now. There's a great story about the book.