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by Bev Allen

From war they came, from violence they became. Now on a faraway world our settlers see war looming once more. The settlers had to adapt to survive, once again living off the land like our ancestors of old. The Tribal Liaison Guild is formed to distil tension between the tribes, as the smallest issue could now lead to war. Jon Harabin is the senior Liaison Officer, and he needs an apprentice to train for the future.

A lad from town, sixteen year old Lucien Devlin, becomes Jon's perfect protégé. He loves the wild jungle and his curiosity craves to see the tribes above the cataracts, except he doesn't follow rules, yet rules are all that will keep him alive in that treacherous territory. Criminals kidnap a young girl to stir up unrest, whilst exploitation threatens domestic peace. Tensions rise when Jon Harabin liaises to distill the volatile situation, but standing in his path is the rebellious Lucien.

Tense action and adventure ensue, Lucien's quest becomes a path of destiny, and it's now up to Lucien and his friends to find a solution that will lead to peace.

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-What inspired you to become a writer?

Good question and not one I really know the answer to if I’m honest. Probably a deep need to entertain people, I can’t sing and I can’t act, but I can tell stories. Someone once tried to tell me there is a difference between writers and story tellers. I’ve no idea if they were right, but if they were, I definitely come down on the teller side.

-What draws you to scifi?

The freedom to create my own worlds, the freedom “to boldly go” adventuring and to find the “brave new worlds” of my imagination. It also gives me the space to explore the flaws and depths of my heroes (mainly heroes, some heroines as well, but mainly heroes) without the constraints of political correctness and society’s rules.

My other writing choice is more towards the weird. I don’t/can’t write horror, but I do like creepy. My contribution to “The Secrets of Castle Drakon” reflects this. Apparently I’ve turned several mushroom lovers off their favourite food as a result.

-Give us a fun or interesting fact you learned researching this book.

I leaned loads! I knew a bit about camping, because I had been in the Scouts, but when I started to look into wilderness survival I found out so much about wild foods and tracking and building shelters. I’m pretty sure I would be rubbish at applying what I learned, because I am very fond of hot and cold running water, lights which go on at a touch and refrigerators, but it was fun to research. Learning about matriarchal societies was interesting as well. That is something I will carry on reading about, it is a fascinating subject.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks and/or pizza with?

As far as “The Tattooed Tribes” is concerned it would be hard, no pizzas and the bars are a bit rough, but if I wanted to eat well in good company, I’d go out into the wilderness with Jon. I’d love to sit by a river with him and eat steamed clams we had dug only a couple of hours before and listen to him tell me of all the things he has seen.

-For aspiring writers, any tips?

Read! Read everything you can lay your hands on. Read as many genres as you can, don’t neglect plays or poetry or non-fiction. And when you think you’ve read enough, read a bit more. Words are your tools and you need to understand how those tools work and you will only find out by reading.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Probably what is called in the UK “Aga Sagas”, stories about middle aged, middle class people, usually women, having mid-life crisis. They all seem to be full of unsatisfactory kids, husbands, dogs and relations. The women agonize over all this from the comfort of a beautiful home, a fabulous garden and an income most folks would kill for. I think, if I had to write about one she would end up in an alternative universe with a dragon breathing down her neck, possibly several dragons and maybe a troll or two thrown in for variety.

I fell in love with my first soldier outside Buckingham Palace. He was a Coldstream on guard and I was four. Later I fell in love with reading and writing, and later still with sci-fi and tales of fantasy and high adventure, but that first admiration for the military has never faded. Now I am married to an amateur military historian who drags me around every military museum he can find. We are both members of The Victorian Military Society.

I’ve always told stories, but I am dyslexic and the process of writing them down was always hard until I discovered word processing. For a few years I just wrote and wrote and wrote, most of it wasn’t good, but I was learning and eventually I sent a short story to SFX for their Pulp Fiction competition and I was a winner! One of ten authors whose story was printed in full. Soon after I was contacted by Big Finish, who published Dr Who stories under licence from the BBC. On the strength of my SFX story, they commissioned me to write for one of their anthologies.

I have always loved pulp sci-fi and adventure stories, my small success made me take a serious look at what I had written during my learning time and one story stood out as having potential and after some extensive rewriting my first book “Jabin" was the result. “Tribes” comes from the same love of adventure stories and a deep concern for the environment and the damage we are doing to our home world.

You can find me on my own web site From 5th of February 2015 you will be able to read my short story “A Solemn Curfew” on there. It was written for Thorstruck’s showcase anthology “The Secrets of Castle Drakon”. I am very proud to say it has been nominated for a British Fantasy Society award.

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