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PURGATORY ORIGINS (Powers of Darkness)
by Darryl Olsen

When Professor Harrison Standish, a bookish young archeologist inadvertently stumbles upon an ancient burial chamber in Egypt, he is baffled to find symbolism inside that would appear to date from two different historical periods, thousands of years apart. Suspecting the tomb had been tampered with at some point in the distant past, Professor Standish soon discovers the skeletons of ten half-human/half-canine creatures lying in a far corner of the chamber and his initial bafflement now turns to shock. What kind of ancient madman would be conducting such a horrific experiment?

As Dr. Standish endeavors to explain this mystery over the ensuing days, he happens upon a news report, suggesting that these same grotesque, half-human/half-canine creatures have come to life in the remote mountains of Wyoming and he is immediately on the next flight. By the time he arrives in Wyoming, a World War II Nazi bomber has materialized out of the sky and crashed off the coast of France and a Nazi general named Schmitz has stumbled into the 21st century, leaving behind evidence of his presence in Professor Standish's ancient burial chamber back in Egypt, all of which sets the stage for a rollicking, nonstop, modern day fantasy/sci-fi adventure.

The cast of characters in Purgatory: Origins includes Rachael, a pesky, auburn haired New York magazine correspondent, who is known equally for her ability to sink her teeth into a story and her unwillingness to let it go, Jason Kendall, an escaped rapist and killer who falls hard for Rachael when they cross paths and turns out to have a past with our half human creatures, and Harper, the ex-special forces FBI agent, whose primary goal is finding Jason Kendall, getting him back behind bars and keeping him there for the rest of his life but soon finds himself sucked into this mystery woven of ancient symbolism, old Nazi war criminals and otherworldly creatures.


-What inspired you to become a writer?

It had always been something I'd wanted to try. I remember thinking to myself about an idea of walking through a bookstore and seeing a book on a shelf with my name written on the cover. Nothing was going to stop me from achieving that status, after some hard work I'm lucky enough to have a small following now, but you really have to do it for the love of the challenge. Gone are the days of massive cash advances and cash handouts, so you really can't do it just for the money. It has to be a process you enjoy and love

-What draws you to your genre of choice?

I love the idea of bringing good old military hardware to your everyday novel. Plus you should always stir a bit of horror to your story it just adds a little spice to the taste.

-Give us a fun or interesting fact you learned researching this book.

I really enjoyed researching the history of Egypt, plus I also enjoyed reading about military hardware used in and around WW2. On numerous occasions a found myself asking captain Google for advice.

-Which of your characters would you go out for pizza with?

I really like the idea of sitting down with a large pizza talking to Rachael, she is so strong willed, even at the point of real horror.

-For aspiring writers, any tips?

Do the process for yourself, not for other people, and never for money.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Mmm I'd guess you'd never say never, probably children's books. But things change in life, so I'd say that's a real hard question.

Darryl Olsen is a writer who lives in Sydney, he was educated on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales and after leaving school joined the Australian Regular Army. Darryl Olsen now writes part time, and when he is not finishing off his latest novel, you can catch Darryl at the gym lifting heavy weights, but still avoiding all forms of leg work.

Darryl Olsen is the author of the Purgatory series with the first title, Purgatory, Soldiers of Misfortune- now available. Stay tuned for the second novel titled, "Purgatory Origins" He also wrote "Children of the Gods-The Talon Project"

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