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THE BLUE EFFECT by Rose Shababy

by Rose Shababy

Blue Brennan is jaded and bitter despite her pinup girl looks and quick wit. Night after night, she scours the Seattle club scene looking for someone or something to fill the emptiness inside.

When she meets the mysterious Kasey, her world stops… literally. He claims she has the ability to control time and stuns her even further when he reveals his own gifts.

Blue is inexplicably drawn to Kasey and reluctantly enters his world filled with a new breed of humanity. They’re misfits like her, blessed or cursed with powerful abilities, struggling to hide their differences from the rest of society.

Then the group discovers a nameless, faceless sociopath with nightmarish powers; and he’s coming for Blue. She’s left reeling when they discover her gifts are the key to defeating his terrible evil and saving them all.

Now she must race against the clock to harness her own powers and save her new friends. Can she be more than a renegade? Can she be a hero too?

He held out his free hand and I reached for it without thinking. Taking the hand of this stranger seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

Our fingers touched and my skin came alive. I felt a surge of electricity as some sort of energy shot from his hand into mine, running through my whole body and back to his like an endless circuit. I couldn’t stifle the gasp that broke through my lips. I stared at him, my vision narrowing until his face and eyes and smile were the only things I could see.

The energy between us exploded outward like a wave into the crowd, through the people and everything around me stopped. The music ended like a switch had been flipped, the people froze mid-step and even the air around me seemed to stop moving.



Rose Shababy and her family reside in eastern Washington State. Rose grew up in the Northwest but swears she’s going to move to warmer climates someday. She’s claimed this for over 20 years, however, and has yet to move more than 75 miles away from her mother.

Rose has a deep love of all things Star Trek and yearns to travel the heavens, as well as an intense desire to be bitten by a radioactive spider. Unfortunately she sucks at science and math so she hasn’t been able bring her dreams to life, instead living vicariously through books, comics, television and film. She hopes to someday make a million dollars so she can afford to buy her way to the international space station, but she’d settle for being able to fly around the world and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Rose also loves to cook and worked for years in a gourmet Italian grocery and deli where she learned to hone her skills. She prepares culinary masterpieces for her family, but fervently wishes the dishes would wash themselves. Especially now that her dishwashers/children are nearly grown and only one still lives at home.

Rose likes to use her free time wisely. For instance, she likes to daydream, will often read for hours until she falls asleep on the couch with an electric blanket and a warm tabby cat curled up on her hip, as well as spending cozy weekend days watching Syfy movies like Sharknado and Mega Piranha with her husband.

If Rose were a cartoon animal, she’d prefer to be a wise old owl or a sleek and sexy jaguar, but in reality she’d probably be a myopic mole with coke-bottle glasses.

Visit Rose’s website. Connect with her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter @RoseShababy.

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  1. Thank you for hosting today! Was the excerpt too short? lol I was instructed to keep it between a certain word count! How about another one:

    “Blue.” I turned at the sound of my name to see that he had stopped walking and was watching me with a solemn expression.
    “What?” I didn’t even try to contain my irritation, and it came out when I spoke.
    “I really am sorry. There is nothing wrong with you. Please do not shut me out because I have shown poor self-control tonight.” He sighed and tugged on the brim of his fedora. “The energy that flowed between us has thrown me. I feel a connection to you that I have never experienced before. I do not understand it. It is strong and hard to control because it is so new to me. In truth, even in the loud club I was able to find your mind immediately. You speak to me like no other. I promise you that I will do all I can to block it out. Please bear with me and give me a little time.”
    He looked so concerned that my irritation began to melt away. He could read minds and see the future, and he claimed that I was the reason time stood still. My curiosity raged and I couldn’t remember the last time I had any interest in anything at all. It didn’t matter if I trusted him. After the amazing things I’d just seen I still would have followed him.
    But he was right. I wanted to trust him. I did trust him. I only wished I knew how it could be that I could trust a complete stranger.
    I also couldn’t deny the attraction I felt for him. I looked at him for a moment, trying to see him as impartially as I could.
    There wasn’t much about him that resembled the men I usually found myself with. His leanness fell to almost gaunt, and he definitely needed a haircut. His features were plain and angular, and I probably wouldn’t notice him if we passed each other on the street. As I studied him, he smiled and I knew immediately that was the difference. His wide smile and white teeth transformed him, his sharp cheekbones taking on a regal slant, and he became undeniably attractive. Irresistible. I found myself wanting to be near him. I wanted to know him. Had I ever wanted to know someone that way before? Save it for later, I told myself.
    “So, you were telling me about this Avery guy?” I asked and continued walking.
    “Yes, Avery. He can hear your thoughts as well, although he cannot go to the same depths that I can. I can look deep into the psyche, which is how I am able to help you direct your mind and amplify your ability. Anyone’s ability, if they have one. Avery can only see the surface, only see what you are thinking in the moment. He has no psychic ability either. However, he has strong telekinetic ability and he is able to … influence people.”
    “Telekinetic. You mean, he moves things with his mind?”
    “And what do you mean he can influence people? Like mind control?” I’d have been lying if I said the idea didn’t scare me.
    “We do not like to call it that.”
    What else would you call it? I thought. “You can put lipstick on a pig,” I rolled my eyes. Even I could hear the scorn that laced my voice.
    “Lipstick on a pig?”
    “Yeah,” I sneered. “You can dress it up but it’s still a fucking pig.”

  2. Thanks for the excerpt/s and the giveaway! =)