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A WEAVER'S WEB by Chris Pearce

by Chris Pearce

Handloom weaver Henry Wakefield, his wife Sarah and their five children live in abject poverty in the Manchester area of the UK in the early 19th century at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Henry hates the new factories and won’t let his family work in them. He clashes with Sarah, a factory agent, a local priest and reformers, and son Albert runs away. The family are evicted and move to Manchester but are even worse off, living in a cellar in a terrace and have another little mouth to feed.

Henry’s love of money overrides his hatred of factories and he starts one of his own, but it is beset with problems. The Wakefields eventually become quite wealthy, but Henry holds the purse strings and this has a devastating effect on the family. Albert is caught stealing and is transported to New South Wales. Her baby’s death, Albert’s unknown fate and society parties become too much for Sarah, who hears voices and is taken to the lunatic asylum. Son Benjamin faces eviction from the family home for having a baby with an orphan girl too soon after their marriage.

Family members, including Sarah who has got out of the asylum and Albert who has returned to England unbeknown to Henry, have had enough and seek revenge.

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Chris Pearce was born in Surrey, UK in 1952, and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He has qualifications in economics, management/marketing and writing/editing. He worked as a public servant (federal and state) for 25 years and in the real world for 12.5 years.

His inspiration for writing A Weaver’s Web was a postgraduate creative writing course he topped from 30 students in the mid 1990s. After unsuccessfully targeting many literary agents, including one who compared his manuscript to John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, he decided to publish it as an ebook.

He also has a non-fiction book (print only), Through the Eyes of Thomas Pamphlett: Convict and Castaway, which he plans to publish as an ebook later in 2014. He is writing a book on the history of daylight saving time around the world and has some notes towards a novel set 80 years into the future.

His other hobbies include family history and tenpin bowling.

Chris and his wife live in Brisbane, Australia.

Find Chris on the web:



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WWW Wednesday 11-19-14

WWW Wednesday

Hosted by Should Be Reading.

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

-What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading Firefly Island by Daniel Arenson. It’s pretty good so far.

-What did you recently finish reading?

I had a terrible reading productivity week. I finished Queen of the Tearling, which thoroughly confused me. I wanted to like it, but hardly anything was explained, and there were some logic issues that I just couldn't get past.

Then I read Opal (Lux, #3) by Jennifer Armentrout because I wasn't in the mood to try a new author and couldn't find anything else in my collection from authors I'd already tried that I hadn't read. (That sentence made sense in my head.) Anyway, Opal was okay. It felt kind of slow compared to the first two books, and the amount of romance kind of passed my interest level. It ended on a cliffhanger, so I might continue the series. But I think I need a break from ya paranormal for a while, like a long while. So we'll see what happens.

-What do you think you’ll read next?

I’ll be out of town this weekend, so I might not get much reading done. It might take me the next week to read Firefly Island. So if I don’t post next week, that’s why.


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Monday, November 17, 2014

Trailer Reveal: THE LAST STORED by Sonia Poynter

The Last Stored by Sonia Poynter
Surge, Anaiah Press


After the sudden death of her parents, making it through the day is a struggle for Amber Megan Peel. In the midst of her grief, an exquisite bird perches on her garden fence and shows her visions of a vivid landscape and a dark lord slouching upon a throne. She thinks the visions are tied to her sorrow. But when a boy flies through her kitchen window to tell her she’s the Last Stored, she wonders if she’s just lost her mind.

Cree of Din is tasked with one job: Bring Amber home. For seven years, Cree has trained as her protector and it is the ultimate responsibility. Failure means Amber’s certain death, and that’s not an option for Cree – especially since he’s falling in love with her.

The Returning has begun. Now all Amber and Cree have to do is enter Tali, a world of unimaginable splendor and equally unimaginable horror, and defeat Lorthis. If they can’t, not only will Tali plunge into darkness, but so will Earth.

Release Date:
January 6, 2015

.....and now...for THE LAST STORED trailer!

Book Links:
Anaiah Press:

Author Bio:

Sonia Poynter is a homeschooling teacher, an active youth volunteer, and a writer.  She grew up traipsing through the thick woods of Kentucky often getting lost in the magic of the forest. The woods inspired her heart and her father and mother, a Kentucky Colonel, cultivated her love for storytelling. For Sonia every day is an adventure, providing her with an endless parade of eccentric characters and vivid worlds. Currently, she lives in the sleepy community of Pittsboro, Indiana, with the love of her life and God has blessed them both with three amazing kids.

Author Links:


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Friday, November 14, 2014

MIND OF THE BEAST by Brian and Juliet Freyermuth

MIND OF THE BEAST (A Sundancer Novel, #2)
by Brian and Juliet Freyermuth

When a vampire asks Nick St. James to investigate his friend’s murder, the answer should have been easy, right? NO. Okay, not so easy. How do you say no to a friend like Felix?

Besides, with Thelma by his side, what could go wrong? She’s got that, umm … cute pink backpack of Voodoo magic. Of course it hurts that she manages to look good even when she accidentally conjures and gets possessed by a drunk loa. No, it won’t be at all distracting to have her along.

Since no good deed goes unpunished, a crazy man with starry eyes jumps out of the shadows at the victim’s apartment and pummels them. Their attacker doesn’t just beat them up but also infects them with some bad mojo that’s killing Thelma and making Nick angry … angrier.

If the trail to the suspect—the Green Man—is any indication, they’ll be killed before the poison finishes the job. The old gods are more dangerous than helpful. The Watchers—even the one who seems to have a brain—are always a hazard. And what’s with the all the minions? Who has minions anymore? Not to mention the rapid progression of the infection that quickly upgrades Nick’s condition to ‘blind-rage-filled.’

Why couldn’t Felix have just asked Nick to help him move?

“How about a beer?” Felix asked.

“Beer? I didn’t know you could drink that.” A beer actually does sound good, I thought as I put away the coffee beans and grabbed a couple bottles from the fridge.

“We can drink or eat anything as long as it doesn’t have garlic in it,” Felix said as I handed him a bottle. “That shit burns, man. I once saw a couple of vamps have a garlic eating contest.”


He shrugged. “They were bored.”

“Who won?” I asked as I sat down in my old black recliner.

“Their heads caught on fire.”

I blinked.

“Seriously, it was like chomp-chomp-poof.” A ghost of a smile played across his lips. “Our bodies burn out most food. High metabolism or something. Does nothing for the hunger, though. I know a few that don’t eat at all,” he said before chugging the amber liquid.

“Did you know,” he continued, “there’s a dude who actually wrote a book called The Anatomy of a Vampire? He wrote it like fiction so the Watchers wouldn’t get him, but I’ve had a couple of my peeps on the slab over the years. He was right on the money. Talked about how our cells don’t work with food anymore, man. Just blood. How we can eat and eat and eat, but the blood just sends the food packing. Talk about having something go right through you.” He chuckled, although the humor didn’t reach his eyes. “Another reason most vamps don’t eat or drink.”

~Buy MIND OF THE BEAST at Amazon.

~Also grab DEMON DANCE (Sundancer, #1).

-What made you want to write?

Juliet: I want to empower people and entertain them in the process. In Demon Dance we watch Nick struggle with losing his wife. In Mind of the Beast we watch him overcome something from his childhood. We have a science fiction short story on our website called “Sliding Down” that’s all about taking the time to realize what’s important in your life. If one person is inspired to better their situation, I’ve done my job.

Brian: Writing is in my blood. I began in fifth grade with a fantasy story about taking a walk in the clouds, and never stopped. Reading took me to places I could never imagine, and I realized early on that I wanted to take others to the worlds in my own mind. To bring them along as we travel to a magical realm, or travel to the stars.

-What draws you to urban fantasy?

Juliet: It’s fun taking a city like Seattle and creating a magical underworld within it, where vampires, deities and other supernatural creatures cope with today’s times. One of my favorite side characters is Felix. Poor vampire was turned in the 60’s and hasn’t really escaped that era. But, he doesn’t give up connecting to humanity. Lately he’s been playing role-games like Fading Suns and D&D. Could you imagine what would happen if one of the players found out what he was?

Felix won’t be in Book 3 but I’m thinking about writing a spinoff for him. In Book 3, we’re taking the gang to Las Vegas. I spent my early childhood years there back when the mafia was running the casinos. Nick and Thelma go there to find their friend Jesse and stumble upon a vampiric plot that could alter the course of history. Not all vampires can be trusted.

Brian: I’ve always loved the thought that our mundane world could hold a dark, shadowy world beneath it. Some of my favorite books are Sandman by Neil Gaiman and The Great and Secret Show by Clive Barker, all which deal with this darker, magical world underneath our own.

-Name a fun fact you learned researching this project.

Brian: I went through two story revisions on Mind of the Beast and still couldn’t find the heart of it. I tried this myth and that one, but nothing gelled. It was only when I stumbled across a series of strange carvings across Europe that it clicked. No one knows when the carvings began, or who started them, but only that they were known as the Green Man. And thus the story was born.

Juliet: Brian does the bulk of the research of mythology and then we have long talks about it on our nature walks. I knew absolutely nothing about Voodoo and still have so much to learn. At some point I’d love to talk with someone about it. The Loa, Oussou, loves his rum and is very rowdy. Nick learned the hard way not to come between him and his rum in Mind of the Beast.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

Juliet: Well definitely not Oussou. I’m not a big drinker anyways and he’s violent when he’s tipsy, creating Molotov cocktails out of just about anything. Why he ignited a teddy bear escapes me. Felix is a bit of a druggie. He likes his blood laced with all sorts of stuff. If he could give it up for a day, I think it would be fun playing a role playing game with him. Playing Vampire the Masquerade with him would be fun on so many levels. Especially if I was the only one who knew what he was.

Brian: One of the best things about Demon Dance was taking something as iconic as the Fremont Troll in Seattle, and bringing it to life. I’d have to bring the drinks to him, but he’d be a blast to get drunk. I could see him regaling me with stories of the good old days.

-For aspiring writers, any tips?

Juliet: Don’t worry about the first draft being bad. It will be. Think of it as modeling clay. Your first draft creates the form. It’s only after you sculpt it with rewrites that it will be your masterpiece.

Brian: Always listen to your characters. There will be times when you want the story to go one way, and they’ll decide against it. Listen to them. Most of my writer’s blocks come when I try to force a character to do something he or she doesn’t want to do.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Juliet: It’s more a type of character I can’t write. I could never write a main character without hope. Hope seems almost ridiculed in today’s entertainment and I don’t want to add to that. Attitude towards a situation makes all the difference in the world. It’s amazing what can be done if you simply believe it’s possible.

Brian: I don’t know if there is a genre I could never write. Between my games and my novels, I’ve written horror, fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and even for kids! I think it’s great to try different things and learn a new genre. It helps me expand as a writer and opens new perspectives for me.


After 18 years of marriage, Brian and Juliet Freyermuth decided to try something crazy; write a book together.

Brian’s writing is not limited to print. For twenty years he wrote and designed games such as Fallout, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Epic Mickey 2 and Lichdom: Battlemage.

Juliet’s love for writing began with a fourth grade assignment. She has been writing ever since. Her writing took a new direction when she enrolled in journalism and met amazing people. Whether it is an article about anthropology or a hero’s journey in a magical world, she hopes to inspire readers to new possibilities.

When Brian and Juliet aren’t writing, they enjoy reading, watching shows like Persons of Interest and going on road trips with their son, Kyle.

Find them online:

-Brian’s Facebook
-Juliet’s Facebook
-Brian’s Twitter @brianfreyermuth
-Juliet’s Twitter @julietfrey

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

THE GOD ORGAN by Anthony J. Melchiorri

by Anthony J. Melchiorri

The LyfeGen Sustain is an artificial organ designed to bestow recipients with virtual immortality. Instead, its owners are dying.

In 2063 Chicago, a rapidly growing company, LyfeGen, drives a biotechnological revolution that enables people to live significantly longer lives, free of cancer, genetically inherited diseases, and even wrinkles. But these benefits are only available to those people with the money to afford these advanced technologies.

The prolonged lives of the moderately and extremely wealthy is upending the economy as job growth and opportunities stagnate, causing widespread unrest in the general populace. Threatening drastic action, extremist religious groups protest these unnatural artificial organs. Competing companies are desperate to take advantage of LyfeGen’s seemingly grim future as the chaos unfolds.

Caught in the midst of this turmoil, the inventor of the artificial organ, Preston Carter, worries that someone with no regard for human life has betrayed his company and is setting him up for failure. He is not alone in his fears.

Amid the confusion, backstabbing, and all-out assault on the biotech industry, a young bioengineer races to find the fault in the artificial organ; an investigative journalist delves into a story that will alter her career; a destitute man struggles to make a living in the biotech world, as he turns to desperate measures; and an amateur hacker infiltrates LyfeGen as she roots out the secrets of their technology. With a Sustain organ implanted in his own body, Preston must weather the perilous storm, determined to save his company and the lives of all who once trusted LyfeGen—before he’s killed by his own invention.

Joel reached out to the glimmering incandescent light bulb and wrapped his fingers around it. It didn’t burn him, even when he clenched it tighter and his mind screamed at him to let go. Instinct was hard to shake. With an unquenchable curiosity, he squeezed the bulb and let out an embarrassing yelp as the glass shattered. Shards projected from his open palm as he rotated and examined his hand. Silver blood streamed between his fingers.

Stepping away from the holofield, he headed back into the main art gallery. He shook his head in quiet amusement and rubbed his hand against his black slacks. No blood actually seeped over his palm and no glass shards were embedded in his hand, but he couldn’t help trying to get rid of the mess. It was just another strange exhibit in the modern art museum, an illusion.

But the pain burning beneath his skull, making his vision swim, was no trick. He fell, his body going numb and his world going black.

~Add THE GOD ORGAN on Goodreads.

-What made you want to write?

I’m not sure if I can pin down a specific reason, but I’ve been writing stories since I first learned to read and write. What inspires me to continue writing is the feedback I get from others who enjoy a book or short story I’ve read. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone else actually enjoys something you’ve created.

-What draws you to scifi thrillers?

I’ve always dreamed of ways to combine my love of reading and writing with my career in bioengineering. Science fiction and thrillers are the perfect genres for me to blend those two seemingly disparate subject areas. I’m free to explore technology and how it might impact people on a day-to-day or societal level. And I think partaking in creative endeavors like writing also improves my creativity when it comes to biomedical research. It keeps my mind flexible and prevents me from becoming too tunnel visioned.

-Name a fun fact you learned researching this project.

In The God Organ, one of LyfeGen’s medical technologies utilize adult skin cells that have been reprogrammed into Sustain stem cells, one of LyfeGen’s patented therapies. This is something that has been well known in the scientific community, but I still think it’s amazing that we’ve been able to take adult skin cells and introduce genes that turn those cells into stem cells. That means those skin cells can potentially turn into almost any mature cell in the human body, which has spawned a whole new arena of research in tissue engineering and biomedicine.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

I think Cody Warren might make a good drinking buddy. He can wax a little poetic, but he’s always got something interesting to say. Cody comes from a rough neighborhood in Chicago and earned himself an engineering degree so he’s got a great personal story. The guy’s a philosopher at heart and is apt to make conversation with just about everyone he meets at a bar. Of course, Cody is known to go on a diatribe every once in a while, so I’d probably have to keep him in check.

-For aspiring writers, any tips?

Make writing a habit and be willing to learn every single day. Like exercise, you’ve got to write every day to stay active and to continue improving. If you write even just 1000 words a day, you end up with 90,000 words in three months—which is often around the size of a novel. And when I say you must be willing to learn every single day, it’s important to not only observe the real world and read as much as you can, but also to critically examine your own writing. Ask for feedback from other writers and readers—constantly strive to improve.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

I’d hate to say that I could never write in any single genre and would be willing to give most things a try. That being said, I certainly couldn’t guarantee I’d be equally successful in every genre! While I’m primarily writing in science fiction and thrillers, I hope to continue experimenting in those genres and in others. I think there’s much for writers to learn by writing outside their comfort zones and genre-hopping is a fantastic way to do that.


I grew up in Normal, Illinois. After a regular (it’s hard, but I refuse to make a pun of it) childhood in Normal, I left for the University of Iowa to get a degree in Biomedical Engineering. But, I couldn’t give up reading and writing and there really wasn’t enough of that in engineering (unless you’re into thick, no-thrills books on thermodynamics and polymer physics). I picked up a second degree in English while working on the Biomedical Engineering degree and have since counted myself fortunate for making that decision. Iowa City, North America’s only official UNESCO City of Literature, is a thriving hotbed of writers and readers, with some of the best visiting the city for their renowned workshop or famous authors dropping by to read a story they’ve written and chat. I had the opportunity to meet plenty of great writers and storytellers that inspired me to keep writing, even when I graduated and entered a doctoral program at the University of Maryland for Bioengineering.

Today, when I’m not writing and reading, I’m primarily working on tissue engineered blood vessels, gearing my work for children with congenital heart defects. I get to work with awesome 3D printing technologies and am always astounded by the rapidly advancing technologies coursing through the veins of universities and research settings. Much of my writing has been inspired by those advancements and my conversations with other researchers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and many others interested in our evolving world.

Find Anthony online:

-Twitter @tony_melchiorri

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WWW Wednesday 11-12-14

WWW Wednesday

Hosted by Should Be Reading.

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

-What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. I’m about a third of the way through, and I like it so far.

-What did you recently finish reading?

I finished up my two currently-reading books from last week—The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity (which is by Mac Barnett and not Adam Rex as I said last week, my apologies) and Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain by Richard Roberts. Mistaken Identity was a quick, fun little read with librarians and pirates and all kinds of fun stuff. Supervillain…I don’t know. I should have loved it. It’s the kind of thing I normally love, but I had a tough time getting into it. That said, it’s not a bad book at all. I just had trouble engaging.

After finishing those I read (as I said I would last week) Reign (Unfortunate Fairytale, #4) by Chanda Hahn. I thought it was the last book. It’s not. Regardless, I enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to book 5.

Then, because it was included at the end of Reign, I read Jared’s Quest (Unfortunate Fairytale, #1.5). That was a great little read.

-What do you think you’ll read next?

I can say with some certainty that I have no idea. There are a few things poking at me, but I’ll finish up Tearling and then see where things go.


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Monday, November 10, 2014

LOVE OVERCOMES by Angela Shroeder

Love Overcomes banner

Anaiah Press proudly presents
LOVE OVERCOMES by Angela Schroeder
a contemporary romantic novel available on November 4!

Single mother Arabella Mackenzie never imagined that going to California with her sister Clara would have such a huge impact on her life. Since the end of a disastrous relationship, Arabella has been wary of wanting or needing anyone other than her family. But when she meets hunky actor, Jeremy Fowlis, she begins to have feelings for a man for the first time since her three year old son was born. Now, she needs to try to overcome her past and learn to trust again. 
Jeremy is not used to women who don't want to date him, or at least show him off to their friends - he is an in-demand actor, after all. He is tired of the shallow, avaricious attention that he gets from the public, but when he meets intelligent, cautious Arabella, she doesn't even know his name. Arabella’s grounded beauty captivates him instantly, but, he is wary of getting involved with a single mother with a complicated past.  
Can Arabella and Jeremy both overcome their doubts and fears in order to find love? 

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About the Author:

Angela was born and raised in Iowa, in a river town known for its pearl buttons. Having four siblings, she never lacked for someone to play with. As she grew older, she found herself pulled into books and writing more and more. Her parents are her heroes, her siblings her confidants and tormentors, and her children are a wonderful blessing.

Connect with Angela:
Website     Twitter      Goodreads     Facebook

Chapter One Excerpt
Shoving back a curl that had fallen into her face, Arabella neatly folded tiny T-shirts to place into her son’s little red Avengers suitcase. Quiet footfalls stopped in the doorway, and she glanced over her shoulder to see her older sister leaning lightly against the doorframe of Liam’s room. 
“How’s it going? Are you two almost packed?” Clara asked. 
“Almost.” She replied. “I’m just finishing up a few last things for Liam. Are you all ready?” 
Clara shrugged her shoulders, glancing around the room as if one of the pieces of furniture might have the answer. She blew out a breath and her voice cracked when she finally spoke. “Yeah, I packed … Then I unpacked and repacked different stuff. I couldn’t really decide what I should wear out there.” 
“I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Arabella smiled encouragingly. 
Clara pursed her lips. “It’s an exciting opportunity.” 
“Well, yeah. Not everyone gets their book turned into a movie.” A grin flashed across Arabella’s face. “So, they actually want Winnie to be there, too? Do they realize he really does eat everything? The studio will be empty before they know it.” 
“They want to see the dog that inspired the book. The animal trainer asked if I could bring him.” Clara gave a slight shake of her head and a small smile. “I don’t even know why I have to be out there. I don’t know anything about movies.” She picked up a tiny pair of blue jeans, folded them, and handed them off to her sister. 
“I’m sure they want to have your point of view. It makes sense. I read in some magazine that Kelly Martin was an on-set consultant when they made The Afterlife of Lizzie Monroe into a movie. Besides, it’s just a month.” Arabella considered her sister who was now nibbling on her bottom lip. She was glad, for Clara’s sake, that the flight to California was tomorrow. She knew a lot of the stress of the trip was just waiting for it to arrive. 
“That was a really good movie. Of course, the book was better.” Clara smiled and visibly relaxed, clearly choosing to move on to a different subject. “We should take the DVD with us. We can watch it on the plane.” 
Arabella nodded, her mouth scrunching up. “Have you seen Liam? I don’t know where he put No Hop. If I don’t take that ratty thing he will cry for days.” 
“He’s at the farm house getting spoiled. But, I think I saw No Hop on the couch down in the living room. ” 
The two of them walked out of Liam’s bedroom and down the stairs. Arabella paused in the living room to collect Liam’s beloved bunny, turned back, and chucked it expertly up the stairs. It plopped on the ground directly in front of the bedroom doors. Clara raised her eyebrows. 
“Just want to be sure not to forget it later.” Arabella laughed. “Did you drop off the flower garden quilt to Mrs. Johnson?” 
Clara nodded, “She said it was perfect for her granddaughter’s bedroom.” 
“Of course it’s perfect. Everyone loves your quilts. How many orders do you have to work on while we’re in California?” 
“Only two. I figure if I hand stitch the pieces together during my free time, I can have both the quilts ready to be sewn together when we get home.” They stepped out into the hot, sticky July air and Clara groaned. “Do you think it’s this humid in California?” 
“Isn’t it humid everywhere in July? I doubt California is much different than Iowa when it comes to that.” They walked across the gravel drive toward the large farmhouse, leaving their little cottage behind. An enormous white dog bounded up to them, jumping to put his muddy paws on Clara’s shoulders. “There’s our super star. Where’s your side kick, little man?” Clara asked, rubbing the big dog’s ears. Arabella looked at the wet muck on Clara’s shirt and rolled her eyes heavenward. 
“I sincerely hope they were not playing together.” Her eyes searched across the large yard until they landed on a tiny, three-year-old little boy covered in mud. A very audible sigh escaped her. 
“Good luck with that.” Clara grinned. Arabella watched her sister walk off toward the house while she continued on to her little mud monster. 
“Momma, I made a mud castle!” Liam’s white teeth were brilliant against the mud covering his face, and his blue eyes shone triumphantly. 
“I see that. We need to get you cleaned up for dinner. Where’s Mema? You were supposed to be with her.” 
His muddy hand grasped hers. 
“Getting carrots.” He bounced as they walked toward the house. “Mema says I get to go on an airplane.” His voice went a little shrill as he spoke, and his legs bounced a little higher. “That’s true. But, first, you need a bath,” she laughed. 
Arabella smiled down at her son. He was the one good thing that she had done in her life. 
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