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EVOLVED by Archer Miller

by Archer Miller

Humanity has spread to the far reaches of space with The Golden Door, a planetary colonization monopoly, selling off every desirable and not so desirable planet to desperate settlers.

Each new world comes with new challenges, and to meet that challenge the children are evolving.

When Pieter, and other gifted children like him, become the target of government research they must fight not only for their lives but the future of their kind.

Pieter’s eyes opened, but it was an exercise in futility. There was nothing but darkness for him to see. He knew he was awake because of the lancing pain running down his back and across his chest; the cover on his head was stifling and smelled of sweat and blood. He was upright in some sort of chair but he was unable to move. The back of the chair was straight and hard, and he was bound to it with his arms pinned behind his back. He struggled to breathe. His chest was stretched as his shoulders pressed into the chair behind him. A cry of pain rose in his throat, but he clamped his mouth tight to hold it prisoner.

As he gasped for air and strained to ease the pain in his chest and back, a voice from beyond the pain alerted him to another presence.

“Suka is awake.”

“Good. I want this suka blyad to remember this.”

With no way of knowing or seeing its approach a hand struck his face, slamming the back of his head against the hard chair. He could stop the scream, but not the tears that rained from his eyes.

“Little boy want to play,” the voice taunted him.

Something hard crashed into his stomach, forcing the air from his lungs. He tried to breathe, but was unable. What do they want from me?

A second fist slammed into the side of his face, whipping his head to the right.

“Don’t kill him,” the first voice warned.

“I won’t. But he’ll wish I had.”

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-What inspired you to become a writer?

I credit my mother and her love of reading. I learned to read early and as soon as she could she introduced me to Edgar Rice Burrows' John Carter of Mars. When I was 9 and home sick from school she gave me a book called Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. I was still in high school when I found two more writers who inspired me, JRR Tolkien and Anne McCaffrey. These are the writers I claim in my DNA.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

Go hiking in the wilderness with Nika and Sasha.

-Give us a fun or interesting fact you learned researching this book.

In Russia they celebrate birthdays much the same as we do with one surprising exception. Instead of spanking the celebrant the custom is to pull the ears. This becomes a major event in the life of my hero, Pieter Varushkin.

Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

Loki, no question. He's a big happy-go-lucky Viking, who may be a good father and husband, but he also loves to party.

-You’re in a tavern, and a dwarf challenges you to a duel. What do you do?

Wack him on top of his head with my tankard. If that doesn't work I'll try to drink him under the table.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Romance. I have friends who are romance writers and I have a deep respect for what they do, but it's just not in my DNA. (See Question 1)


Archer Miller emerged from the East Texas hill country and set his sights on finding the life of which few of his contemporaries dreamed. In 1974, he migrated to Boulder, Colorado to enroll at the Naropa Institute – now known as the Naropa University, a tiny Liberal Arts college founded by the renowned Tibetan Buddhist scholar and lineage holder, the Ven. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1940-1987). Rinpoche was enormously influential in spreading the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to the West.

Archer earned a degree in herbs and creative writing. He was a four-year Letterman on the Varsity Competitive Meditation Team.

After graduating in 1978, he took a year off to hike the Jack Kerouac literary trail. He became a top freelance gun-for-hire with dozens of ad agencies across the south and southwest. As a way to deal with the proliferation of Disco, he took up Zen Archery.

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THE WHITE LADY by Beth Trissel

by Beth Trissel

Avery Dunham has always been ready to follow her friend, time-traveling wizard, Ignus Burke, on incredible adventures. This time, though, she has serious misgivings. It's just one week before Christmas, but she cannot get him to change his mind. The usually cool and collected magic-wielding leader is wholly obsessed by the portrait of the White Lady whom he is bent on rescuing.

Almost as soon as they begin their journey, it becomes clear their mission is a trap.

Avery was right: this adventure is not going to be like any other.

Avery had a few queries on the tip of her tongue, like, “Are you out of your freaking skull?”

If she didn’t ask, Stan probably would. They’d graduated from high school this past June and worked part-time ‘nothing’ jobs, taking a break before college while finding their way, as Avery’s mother put it. Mostly, they were drawn to Ignus like moths to a flame, especially Avery. Not that he noticed.

If only he’d look at her the way he did the white lady. More and more, the portrait seemed to dominate his thoughts. How could a petite, okay short, girl in a sparkly pink sweater and unicorn leggings compete with this tantalizing beauty?

Avery wasn’t plain, some even referred to her as cute, but exotic didn’t describe her. Quirky, sure. She wouldn’t term her brown eyes deeply affecting, and her face wouldn’t compel men through centuries to her side. The best she could do was plead with him.

“Ignus, be reasonable. Please.”

No reply. He wore his stubborn look. Crossing his arms over a lean chest, he tilted his head to better view the femme fatale on the wall above them.

The tousled brown hair covering his ears and forehead needed a trim. In his red Zombie Preparedness hoodie with a white rescue logo, gray dress pants, and white high-topped sneakers, he was the quintessential nerd. Most importantly, he was a wizard and time traveler with a passion for rescuing lost souls. His fervor for this particular lady was alarming.

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Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my people and furbabies. An avid gardener, I grow herbs and heirloom flowers and use them in my stories. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans, and the Scots-Irish are at the heart of my inspiration. My English/Scots-Irish ancestors were among the earliest settlers in America. I write historical romance set in the colonial frontier (The Native American Warrior Series), and the American Revolution (The Traitor's Legacy Series), colonial American Christmas romance (A Warrior for Christmas) Georgian England romance (Into the Lion's Heart, the time and place of Poldark). Some of my historicals have ghosts and paranormal in them. I also write Young Adult shapeshifter, fantasy romance (The Secret Warrior Series), and New Adult paranormal time travel, time slip romance to the Scottish Highlands, the American Revolution, the Civil War, WW1.. (My Somewhere in Time and Ladies in Time Series.)

Find her online:
-blog: One Writer’s Way
-Amazon Author Page


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CAN'T BUY ME LOVE: Seven Romantic Tales of Love Where Royalty, Celebrities, and Passion Meet


Seven romantic tales of love where royalty, celebrities, and passion meet. A case of mistaken identity, protecting the one you love, or proving you aren’t all about the money...these tales will entice and thrill.

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A Royal Pain by Abigail Drake
Getting shot in the bottom saving a visiting royal turns out to be the best thing to happen to, impoverished socialite, Chloe Burkhart in a long time, especially when the prince’s very handsome, very sexy bodyguard, Nicolai, comes to her aid.

Caught by Him by Tammy Mannersly
Blockbuster movie actor, Brody Nash doesn’t quite know what to make of the gorgeous woman precariously perched on his neighbor’s gate, but as they start to get to know each other better, he begins to wonder if she might just be the one for him.

Romancing the Princess by Bridie Hall
A commoner, Sebastian, and Princess Alixandra are set to get married until he begins to wonder if fitting in with royalty is worth sacrificing his principles. Love rules all. Or does it?

All My Memories by Grea Warner
The possibility of reconnecting with an unrequited love leads country music star Finn Murphy on a journey of memories in this special prequel to the Country Roads series.

Me and Tillie by Lisa Hahn
1950s musical film star Oren Cooper returns to Broadway to find new inspiration. Unexpectedly, that inspiration comes in the form of Tillie Parker—his childhood friend’s little sister and an up-and-coming ingĂ©nue.

Defending Demma by Melissa Kay Clarke
When faced with an unsavory past, can Demma St. John, rising new starlet, trust ex-Marine Ryker "Digger" McMillan with her secrets and her heart?

His Royal Typeface by Stephanie Keyes
When all is lost, love can be found. Will Prince Asher Tarrington's unique font design be enough to salvage a royal family and set the tone for true love?

Usually, he left before the morning shed light on the consequences of his actions. This time, his insides squeezed at the thought he’d never get to wake up next to Alix again. It wasn’t fair.

“It’s been …” Alix glanced at him and then dropped her gaze. “Well, I need to go through the customs. Boarding will start in half an hour.” Her voice was croaky. It pained him that he couldn’t tell whether from fatigue or emotion.

She leaned into him, soft and supple, and it took his breath away. His arms came around her reflexively. Her bed hair was a stark reminder of what they’d been doing minutes before calling a taxi to take them to the airport.

“This was real, right? I didn’t just dream it?” Seb said.

He couldn’t quite catch what she murmured into his chest.

“I’ll miss you,” he blurted.

She looked up, opening her mouth, but then she pressed her lips together and dropped her gaze to his chest. He forced her face up with his finger under her chin. He kissed her forehead, her cheek and eyelids, her chin and lips, and felt the bitter taste of goodbye intruding on their intimacy.

His mouth on hers seemed to have unlocked something in her because she finally whispered, “I’ll miss you, too.”

When she stepped away, he reached to push a strand of her hair from her face, but her eyes—miserable and dark—flitted to his for a second and then she was gone, walking away from him, and then running, her purse swaying from her shoulder behind her.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

THE ONE APART by Justine Avery

by Justine Avery

Only one obstacle stands in his way of enjoying a normal life. He remembers—every life he's lived before.

Tres is about to be born... with the biggest burden any has ever had to bear. He is beginning again—as an ageless adult trapped in an infant body.

He and his teenage mother face life filled with extraordinary challenges as they strive to protect, nurture, and hide how truly different he is. But Tres alone must solve the greatest mystery of all: who is he? The answer is linked to the one question he's too afraid to ask: why am I?

In his quest, Tres discovers that all is considerably more interconnected and dynamic than he could ever imagine—and fraught with far more danger. He cannot hide from the unseen threat stalking him since his birth.

Life as he knows it—as all know it—is in peril. And Tres is the only one aware.

Tres felt his body abruptly drop around him with overbearing weight, encapsulating him once again.

The mental images, the overpowering memories, finally faded. Only an ominous stillness remained.

Every cell within him began to twitch, infusing with energy—even as he felt immobile. Every joint, tendon, and bone ached under the pressure of being alive.

A deep sadness engulfed him. He pondered possible reasons. And, just as quickly, he was distracted by the presence of his own simple thoughts.

Thoughts. He realized his own thinking.

This mind—certain of its own newness—desired to explore, feel, do, be. Tres opened his eyes—tried to open his eyes. He found his eyelids fused shut.

He opened his mouth. Thick, warm syrup seeped inside his swallow. Intense fear washed over him, even as he knew exactly where—and how—he was.

Oh, no.

Tres was aware, more aware than any had ever been. In this moment, he knew everything—and yet, nothing.

He was beginning again.

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-What inspired you to become a writer?

A love for reading inspired me to become a writer. I think it’s natural for all of us who love to read to be drawn to the idea of creating our own stories, developing our own ideas, and giving readers that sense of surprise or happiness that we enjoy when we read a great story.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

Hmmm… I have a choice of two different worlds in The One Apart. As the author, I’d be visiting with an awareness of both, unlike most of the characters involved in the story—lucky me! So, with both aspects of “life” to explore, maybe I would try to spot my own OnLooker and communicate with him/her. Now, you’ll have to read the novel to discover who/what that is!

-Give us a fun or interesting fact you learned researching this book.

I had a lot of fun researching child development: a baby’s physical limitations after birth and when different abilities start to develop. One neat fact is how babies have the ability to see colors when first born but aren’t able to distinguish well between many of them until three or four months old, and suddenly, their brightly colored toys are much more exciting to them!

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

Every single one of them! There are amazing qualities about each of them, and they’ve been through so much. I’d love to ask them how they feel about all their experiences, get to know them yet better. Even the darker characters are fascinating with their clashing motives and desires.

-You’re in a tavern, and a dwarf challenges you to a duel. What do you do?

I accept the duel, but dictate that the choice of weapons is mine alone. I choose pillows!

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

I could never say “no” to any genre. I love to read them all, so for me, every story I write mixes a little of everything… like life does.


Justine Avery is an award-winning author of stories large and small for all. Born in the American Midwest and raised all over the world, she is inherently an explorer, duly fascinated by everything around her and excitedly noting the stories that abound all around. As an avid reader of all genres, she weaves her own stories among them all. She has a predilection for writing speculative fiction and story twists and surprises she can’t even predict herself.

Avery has either lived in or explored all 50 states of the union, over 36 countries, and all but one continent; she lost count after moving 30-some times before the age of 20. She’s intentionally jumped out of airplanes and off the highest bungee jump in New Zealand, scuba dived unintentionally with sharks, designed websites, intranets, and technical manuals, bartered with indigenous Panamanians, welded automobile frames, observed at the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Noba, Japan, and masterminded prosperous internet businesses—to name a few adventures. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree that life has never required, and at age 28, she sold everything she owned and quit corporate life—and her final “job”—to freelance and travel the world as she always dreamed of. And she’s never looked back.

Aside from her native English, Avery speaks a bit of Japanese and a bit more Spanish, her accent is an ever-evolving mixture of Midwestern American with notes of the Deep South and indiscriminate British vocabulary and rhythm, and she says “eh”—like the Kiwis, not the Canadians. She currently lives near Los Angeles with her husband, British film director Devon Avery, and their three adopted children: Becks, Sam, and Lia. She writes from wherever her curiosity takes her.

Avery loves to connect with fellow readers and creatives, explorers and imaginers, and cordially invites you to say “hello”—or konnichiwa.


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CREATING PLACES by Randy Ellefson

by Randy Ellefson

Creating a unique, immersive setting one place at a time.

CREATING PLACES (THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, #2) is a detailed how-to guide on inventing the heart of every imaginary world - places. It includes chapters on inventing planets, moons, continents, mountains, forests, deserts, bodies of water, sovereign powers, settlements, and interesting locales. Extensive, culled research on each is provided to inform your world building decisions and understand the impact on craft, story, and audience. You’ll also learn how and when to create history and maps. Experts and beginners alike will benefit from the free templates that make building worlds easier, quicker, and more fun.

Learn the difference between types of monarchies, democracies, dictatorships and more for realistic variety and believable conflict. Understand how latitude, prevailing winds, and mountains affect climate, rainfall, and what types of forests and deserts will exist in each location. Consistently calculate how long it takes to travel by horse, wagon, sailing vessels, or even dragon over different terrain types and conditions.

CREATING PLACES is the second volume in THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, the only multi-volume series of its kind. Three times the length, depth, and breadth of other guides, the series can help fantasy and science fiction creators determine how much to build and why, how to use world building in your work, and whether the effort to create places will reap rewards for you and your audience.

All flying animals that are depicted as being ridable are imaginary. The likelihood is that none of them would get off the ground with a rider, but there’s no fun in that. We must take being realistic with a bigger grain of salt than normal. This can suggest doing whatever we want, and we certainly can, but there are often useful details and considerations that arise from trying to being realistic anyway. And these serve to make our work more believable.

While flying can generally be assumed to be done in a straight line, factors change this. Mountains can be tall enough that they must be circumnavigated. Real birds struggle to get over the Himalayas, for example, because the air is thinner. Larger creatures like a dragon would suffer even more from this. Dragons are often depicted as all powerful, but this is one way to make them less formidable and realistic at once. The difficulty of climbing over tall mountains is one reason, along with rain shadows, for characterizing any land features we’ve created; in this case, we’ll decide which mountains ranges are this tall (hint from chapter 4: the tallest peaks are in the interior of a continent, not on its coast).

Hostile territories can also change flight patterns, whether that hostility is other animals or sentient beings like humans. Even dragons are preyed upon by other dragons. A lone dragon might fear to fly through an area full of other dragons, especially if the latter are territorial or of another kind hostile to its own kind. If the dragon is unafraid, his rider might be more cautious.



Randy Ellefson has written fantasy fiction since his teens and is an avid world builder, having spent three decades creating Llurien, which has its own website. He has a Bachelor’s of Music in classical guitar but has always been more of a rocker, having released several albums and earned endorsements from music companies. He’s a professional software developer and runs a consulting firm in the Washington D.C. suburbs. He loves spending time with his son and daughter when not writing, making music, or playing golf.

Find him online:

-Free Ebook
-The Art of World Building website

The book series has a new podcast where even more details are discussed. This podcast is free to listen! Follow along here!

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Friday, November 24, 2017


by Susan Badaracco

When her past merges with her present, Maddy is not sure what to think. Was that really an abduction she witnessed? Does she have the courage to find out?

Silenus is a unicorn haunted by his past failure to protect his charge. He trains relentlessly but is he fierce enough to protect this innocent? Will she even trust him?

Can a mortal and immortal pursue the truth together or will Maddy pay the ultimate price?

Silenus shoved emotion down and boldly, systematically, scrutinized the victims strewn throughout the meadow. He saved the copse of trees for last. Coming down the hill, he’d determined that tactically, the trees provided the best defensive position. It would be the only logical place to go if you had a younger, slower unicorn to protect. It was there, under a canopy of graceful tree limbs and flickering sunlight that he found them both. He knew his wife, who was known for her speed, gave up any chance of escape in order to shield their beloved daughter. His wife was bloodied, her chest splayed open, her pearly horn crimson stained. His daughter looked peaceful, undefiled with the exception of a single puncture wound to the chest. Her tiny horn sparkled as it caught rays of sun filtering through the trees.

Silenus nuzzled his wife, but although her body was still warm, she remained motionless. He leaned down to breath in her essence but instead the metallic scent of blood hit his nose. Tears slid down his muzzle and dropped in dark splotches on both his wife and daughter. Tears that would normally heal wounds and cure poisons but were ineffective against death. He pawed at the ground in front of them, sending up dust that cloaked his mouth and burned his eyes.

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-What inspired you to become a writer?

I became a writer by accident. My initial plan was to come up with a unique fundraiser for the Children’s Advocacy Center. The whole premise depended on me writing a good book. So I read books about writing, took online classes, attending writer’s conferences… and started writing. Then I almost gave up. It’s harder than I ever dreamed. I’d made a promise so I kept trying…got an editor that whipped me until my writing resembled an actual story!

Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with the craft. Before I finished “The Oath: Maddy and Silenus” I was already working on the second book. It’s quite addicting.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

Go to the Last Chapter bookstore and pry Rose away from the register for a bit. We’ll escape into the back room and she will instruct me on how to make the perfect cup of tea (I already know). She’ll tell me about her favorite books and oddly, she will have the exact same list as me!

-Give us a fun or interesting fact you learned researching this book.

I learned lots of distressing facts when writing this book. I was tempted to include them all but then I would be info dumping and the book would have sounded preachy. But you asked….

-Youth age 12 to 17 are more at risk for homelessness than adults
-75% of runaways are female
-60% will go without food for at least one day a month
-50% report intense conflict or threat of physical harm led them to leave the home.

The more fun facts had to do with Tulsa, Oklahoma. After investigating the city, I haven’t figured out if this is just a really unusually quirky city or if I searched hard enough I would find really cool facts about most places. I suspect the latter.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

I would definitely like to go out with the Markham’s for a glass of wine. They seemed to have found the right formula for how we should lead our lives. Work hard, give generously, make time for your family, raise your children to respect others.

-You’re in a tavern, and a dwarf challenges you to a duel. What do you do?


In the past I would have asked lots of questions. How tall? How skilled? Why? Do I have weapons? Does he have magic?

I’m older now. No one has all the answers. Sometimes you just have to go down the path and see where it leads. It’s more interesting that way.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Erotica. Because…nope…I just….nope….(blushing)


Susan Badaracco is the author and independent publisher of “The Oath: Maddy and Silenus”.

In her real life, she is a pediatrician at Kids First Pediatrics where she routinely consoles anxious moms, retrieves interesting objects hidden in ears and laughs at made up knock-knock jokes.

She lives with her husband, a dog (ADHD is not limited to humans) and a cat. Her daughter and son both made the unfortunate decision to grow up which means she travels more than she used to.

Find her online:


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THE CHAOS STORIES by Charles O'Keefe

by Charles O'Keefe


Here you'll find nine new short-stories, some which have been from my life, or things that could have happened. One is inspired from the many games of Dungeons and Dragons I've played over twenty years while another is from the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. Some are even some from other authors, who kindly contributed to my collection.

As a treat for fans of my series, I have included six deleted chapters, two from each of the three Newfoundland Vampire novels, which have been all cleaned up and have been made better than ever for your reading pleasure.

I have also included not one, but two chapters from the upcoming fourth book in the Newfoundland Vampire series, War of the Fangs. I've filled this collection with tales that will make you laugh, or will scare you, and will hopefully make you think a little about the world around us and the people in it.

"I'm not leaving you behind, no man gets left behind, GET MOVING!" Marlon screamed the last part at the top of his lungs and they bolted forward. It wasn't easy with all the roots and holes in the ground. Larry fell once as did Marlon, painfully twisting his ankle so that now Larry had to help him but they moved on, spotting one mark on a tree and chalk on another. The mist had started to rise, it was at their ankles now.

"Mar I can't feel my feet, it feels as if I'm running on blocks of ice. We need to get out!" Marlon looked about frantically, the trees were still thick, he couldn't see the tall grass from where they had started this morning. Everything felt tight, his chest felt like it was going to explode, his heart felt like it would leap out through his throat at any second. The trees seems to be closing in on them, he felt like he was back in France, just waiting for the first bullet to split the air.

Marlon looked down for a second, legs are numb up to my knees but somehow I'm moving, I don't feel the pain in my ankle. "We'll get out, you are the best woodsman I've ever seen. I know you can do it." Larry nodded and Marlon was glad to see a small smile creep onto one side of his face, he pointed with his right arm to a mark, an arrow pointing to the east, the way they were going. You better be, he thought, I'll be damned if I die in a forest by some mist, I made it out of the war, I'll make it out of here!



-What inspired you to become a writer?

First off, thanks so much for having me on your blog and being a part of the tour, it's a pleasure to be here!

I get this questions a lot (not being critical, it's a good one!) and I think it was a combination of things. I have always loved reading or being read to. I have also always loved attention and recognition (I think most writers do). Combine those things with the fact that my friend had a book published in 2006 (and I was mentioned as I helped him edit it) and I knew I had to do more. I knew that I didn't want to just see my name in print, I wanted my name on the cover. I hope this doesn't make me sound vain, another big part of it was that I realized I had a head full of ideas, I had something to say to the world and I knew I had to get it out there. So yes in part my friend Shannon but also everything that had been building inside me and the traits I have all were a part of my inspiration.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

Excellent question! My latest book takes place in many different worlds, so it's a tough choice. The world I made where my Dad was still alive (he passed away this summer from cancer), I would spend more time with him and tell him more about how much I loved him and how much everything he did meant to me. On a serious note I'd tell anyone who still has both their parents alive, do yourself a favor and spend more time with them, you never know when things could change.

-Give us a fun or interesting fact you learned researching this book.

I learned that ravens can actually learn to mimic human speech. They are very intelligent birds and people have trained them to speak. So it is completely possible (in fact it's true as I watched numerous videos) that a raven really can say "nevermore".

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

Another good one! I can't say my Dad again (as he's certainly not a character I created in any case). I would have to say Cassandra, one of the main characters from my vampire series. As a 224 year old vampire I know she would have plenty of amazing stories to tell. While she is based on a real historical person (Catherine Mandeville Snow), I changed her a lot (made her into my dream woman) and did my best to make her a realistic person (as far as possible with a supernatural creature of course). She's fun, smart, mysterious, loving, strong-willed, sexy and of course if she turned me into a vampire that night, well that would be a hell of a bonus!

-You’re in a tavern, and a dwarf challenges you to a duel. What do you do?

Ahh a D&D question, I love it! I used to be pretty good with a sword (trained with one in martial arts), so I accept! Of course I would be careful to set the terms of the duel, only until first blood (even a scratch, I don't want to lose any fingers or toes!) and even if I'm older, slower and not as good as I used to be, it would be one hell of a story!

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

I could never do Young Adult. I don't have children (and won't have any) and I've never believed in toning down writing to make it more acceptable to a younger audience. Yes I know there's nothing wrong with YA and I'm sure someone could write a masterful story in that genre, but I couldn't. The few YA books I have read always gave the impression to me that they were holding back, that there was this artificial line whether it was sex, violence, language or just some mature topic that could never quite crossed. I also feel that romance (and in particular the whole love-triangle notion) has been done way too much in YA. I love the freedom that adult sci-fi, horror, fantasy, paranormal and fiction give me. People curse in real life, bad things happen, people die, family members get sick and of course have sex, this happens to virtually everyone and when you take that out of a story (or even the possibility of it) you lose a fundamental part of human existence. Yes I'm sure there are some YA books which are amazing and aren't affected by any of these restrictions but I just don't have the ability or drive to write one.


Charles O’Keefe lives in the beautiful province of Newfoundland, Canada, with his wife and two feline ‘children,’ Jude and Eleanor. He is a part-owner of a beauty wholesale business. He enjoys many hobbies and activities that include reading, gaming, poker, Pilates, Dungeons and Dragons, and of course, fantasizing about vampires. Charles is the author of three books in the Newfoundland Vampire series, but this is his first collection of short-stories. Look for the fourth Newfoundland Vampire book sometime in the near future.

Find him online:


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