Thursday, September 12, 2019


by Michael Okon

Wes Rockville, a disgraced law-enforcement agent, gets one last chance to prove himself and save his career when he’s reassigned to a 232-year-old secret government organization.

The Witches Protection Program.

His first assignment: uncover a billion-dollar cosmetics company’s diabolical plan to use witchcraft for global domination, while protecting its heiress Morgan Pendragon from her aunt’s evil deeds. Reluctantly paired with veteran witch protector, Alastair Verne, Wes must learn to believe in witches…and believe in himself.

Filled with adventure and suspense, Michael Okon creates a rousing, tongue-in-cheek alternate reality where witches cast spells and wreak havoc in modern-day New York City.

The narrator filled in more information. “It wasn’t until this land became my land that the government decided to create an organization to protect women at risk. The Davina Doctrine went against everything that the Willas stood for. Even though they ran the risk of persecution, the Davinas chose to work with law enforcement to expose the evil deeds of the rival sisterhood. President George Washington established secret legislation under Title VI of the Control Act of 1792. The law was enacted to protect the good witches that exposed the evil deeds of their sisterhood.”

The screen went dark. There was only a chair in the center of a dimly lit stage. A single spotlight focused on the top of the blond actress’s head. Wes was right; it was the actress he’d suspected. She had a hit sitcom and two Emmys, and there was some recent Oscar talk about her last movie.

“Yes. There are witches. Living among us. They are women who believe in using their power to protect love and life. And then there are some who use their powers for all the wrong reasons.”

The camera came to rest on her beautiful face. She winked saucily as she placed a triangular witch’s hat on her head. “Welcome to the Witches Protection Program.”

Alastair smiled broadly. “I love that part.”

“That was Jennifer Anis—”


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Michael Okon is an award-winning and best-selling author of multiple genres including paranormal, thriller, horror, action/adventure and self-help. He graduated from Long Island University with a degree in English, and then later received his MBA in business and finance. Coming from a family of writers, he has storytelling in his DNA. Michael has been writing from as far back as he can remember, his inspiration being his love for films and their impact on his life. From the time he saw The Goonies, he was hooked on the idea of entertaining people through unforgettable characters.

Michael is a lifelong movie buff, a music playlist aficionado, and a sucker for self-help books. He lives on the North Shore of Long Island with his wife and children.

Find him online:

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019


by Julia Byrd

A history of loss and a terrible stammer have led gravedigger Benjamin Hood to a life of isolation.

When a rash of untimely deaths sweeps through his small English village, he cannot stand by in silence. To uncover the truth about the lives lost, he takes up a long-neglected role of responsibility among the townspeople.

As Benjamin questions the victims' families, he finds that beautiful widow Juno Stephens has preceded him in each case. She makes no secret of her odd midnight ceremonies and dark powers of persuasion. The villagers are whispering about a woman bearing a lethal hex.

Is Juno the source of danger in the village, or a victim of it? Benjamin must resist her beguiling ways and decide if he can trust her...until another death sets his smoldering worries ablaze.

“N-no. T-this is n-not a cure, it’s n-nothing.”

“Say my name,” urged Mrs. Stephens. “My name is not nothing, I promise you. There is power in it. There is strength in those things to which we assign strength.”


But somehow, I heard ‘no’ with no slur or stutter. The initial tripping consonant was still there, as real as the trampled grass below my feet, but I didn’t mind the sound that emerged. I focused only on the perfect, spherical word I intended to say, and my voice vibrated in the cool, clammy air. What had she done to me?

“Say my name.”


“I want to hear my name in your voice.”

Her whispered command was too seductive to resist. I raised a hand to my head, scrubbed at my hair. “Mrs. Stephens.”

“Not that part. That’s another man’s name.”

Infernal woman. Stubborn, demanding, witchy creature. “Mrs. Juno Stephens.”

“Too much.”

“Juno!” I shouted, raised my arms to the sky, then let them fall. “Goddess of Rome, protector of women. Juno.”

My voice was flawless, deep, rolling, and aggravated. Exactly how I have always sounded inside my own head. It was the true sound of the internal voice I had heard when I wrote those notes to her. Could they possibly hear me as I heard myself?

Juno curtsied. “At your service.”

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I don’t usually go for gothic books, but this took me by surprise in how much I enjoyed it. The setting was the biggest thing. It felt so real, so lifelike. I was there—the graveyard, the village atmosphere, the old house that was crumbling but still so majestic. Visiting this place felt very possible.

The characters, too, were well-developed. Juno and Ben were a fantastic couple. They complemented each others’ strengths and weaknesses well. There was also plenty of chemistry. Juno was a prime example of the kind of woman men feared at the time. I loved her from the get-go. The side romance and friendships also felt real. The antagonist and his followers were scary in a “this really could have happened” way. Without spoiling, the antagonists arc left me blinking and stunned, even as I realized this, too, could have happened.

In short, I really enjoyed this book and would not hesitate to pick up more from this author. Fans of gothic romance would quite enjoy this, I would think.


Julia lives and writes in Chicago with her handsome dog and scruffy husband. She tells people she enjoys books, wine, baking, and architecture as plausible cover for her secret double life.

Find her online:



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Thursday, September 5, 2019

SOUL READER by Lisa Zajkowski

by Lisa Zajkowski

When skeptic Marvin meets artistic Natalie in a coffee shop on a cold October morning, the two fall fast in love, but nothing is ever as easy as it feels.

Natalie believes that a divine something is guiding her life for her greater good, and it seems to be true. She lands her dream job and she and Marvin marry at a beachside castle. However, the ease and flow of their lives start to change. At the same time that Natalie becomes pregnant, Marvin experiences strange symptoms and visits his doctor.

When faced with a diagnosis that changes everything and odd dreams of the child that hasn’t yet been born, will Marvin let go of his skepticism or will he miss out on a lifetime with his loving family?

They walk through the archway and the dancing roses appear to be just what Talie said it would be. The roses grow in such a fashion that they dance with the breeze and the aroma in the garden is what love would smell like if there were such a scent associated with it. There are thousands of vibrant colored roses up and down in rows and they do not look like typical rose bushes. The stems of the roses are different, stronger, and able to uphold the bud. Almost any color that can be thought of is here, including purple, red, blue, yellow, rainbow, black, turquoise, white, pink, orange, two and three tone colors, and a bright red-orange sparkling rose. “Who owns this place?” Marvin asks. “There’s a plaque with the owner’s name on it over here,” Talie says leading the way. The memorial reads: Jonathan Rutherford and Ellen Campanilli Rutherford established “Roses of the Garden” in 1913. “Wow,” Marvin says, “They must have some secret formula regarding horticulture because I’ve never seen such roses!”

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GUEST POST: Why I became a writer ….

I have always been creative in a sense and I’ve always been drawn to the creative arts. Although you wouldn’t know it with the lack of initiative in school (all through from elementary to high school, I didn’t want to be there). I wrote my first book when I was in 7th grade. The teacher assigned us to write a children’s book of twenty pages. The books I knew consisted of hundreds of pages of writing because that’s what my mom would read and I also would read longer books especially at this stage of my life. So, I set off to write twenty pages of text and dialogue and the date of the homework assignment quickly approached with me having my book not even half done. I certainly couldn’t turn in an uncompleted work, so I just didn’t turn it in. Then, the kids in my class stared sharing and showing their book and to my surprise, the pages were not filled with text, but mostly pictures with some writing. My mind was blown, so I went home that day and started drawing pictures on my pages that had room. Sadly, the story still wasn’t finished and I never did turn it in and I was too embarrassed to tell my mom and my teacher (who had called my mom because I was going to fail the class from what I remember) that I didn’t comprehend the assignment and was writing a book instead a “children's book”. My teacher ended up giving me something else to do and I passed the class and to this day, I still have that unfinished book of mine written in my 7th grade handwriting and I cherish it dearly and am now proud of how I set off to write a twenty page book at that age. My mom always loved to read and I remember since before I could read how I wanted so badly to read books like she did. I am grateful for her love to read because I believe it helped develop my creative side even further when I did learn to read. Besides writing books at a young age, I loved music and singing, coloring and making up stories and I was constantly writing song lyrics in my pre-teens and into my adult life. I feel like I’ve always had stories and books inside of me and then one day I had such a strong desire and an inspired thought/action to write, so I sat down at my computer and began typing. It was cathartic and gave me such a feeling of elation and filled me a purpose. I believe I became a writer because I am a writer and have been before I realized it.

Lisa M. Zajkowski has an exhilaration for life while exploring all areas from the ethereal to the ordinary, and she appreciates learning something from every aspect. Her main theme in life is fun, as she indulges in laughter and looks for the positive in every situation. She also thrives on pushing the boundaries of the body while enduring in the sport of Triathlon, having completed a Half Ironman. However, it’s her first love of running that brings her an immense sense of liberation and connectedness with the beauty of the world. Lisa loves connecting with people, and being a massage therapist allows her to do this as she enjoys helping people facilitate healing within their innate body systems. She is comforted in the softer side of life while cuddling with her dogs and cat, and desires to own a horse ranch. Lisa revels in the freedom of being fluid in her writing, taking pleasure in all genres of authoring. She is currently working on Drama, Sci-Fi, and Horror novels.

Find Lisa at her website


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Wednesday, August 28, 2019


by Maya Tyler

Dreams or duty?

Wizard apprentice Kurtis Warde doesn’t want to become a full-fledged wizard, but he feels obligated to his grandfather who raised him. Making The Choice, whether or not to become a wizard and join The Circle, doesn’t feel like a choice at all. Leaving The Circle would give Kurtis the freedom to follow his own dreams, and to pursue vampiress, Dee, who has always intrigued him. He knows there’s more to Dee than the icy being she portrays, but will she give him a chance to know the real her?

There is unrest in the magical world. Fairies, a magical being thought to be long extinct, still exist. And the long-time feud between wizards and fairies threatens everyone Kurtis cares about, including his life coach, Alina, who has quickly become a close friend. And perhaps more. He discovers his connection to the ancient beings The Annunaki, the ancestors of wizards and fairies, may be key to the future. The more he uncovers, the more questions he has.

Will Kurtis choose to follow his heart or risk sacrificing his own happiness for peace in the magical world?

“Waldor.” Emotion—relief and love—flooded Kurtis’ voice. He released the breath he’d unconsciously held, scanning Waldor for obvious injury.

“I’m in one piece, Kurtis.” Waldor pushed past him to unlock the cottage. “You can quit being a fusspot.”

Kurtis chuckled at Waldor’s mock irritation, unfazed by his grandfather’s gruff ways. They didn’t need to exchange words to know how relieved they both were for the other’s safety.

Waldor filled the kettle and, a moment later, the sound of a cheery whistle blasted from the small kitchen. Kurtis joined Waldor at the table. They sat in silence, wrapping their large hands around mugs of steaming tea.

“The kind of potent brew you need after a night like this to settle your thoughts.”

Kurtis grunted in response.

“What’s on your mind, my boy?”

What do I tell Waldor? Conflicted thoughts swirled around in his brain. Am I really that transparent?

Waldor smiled as if he knew all Kurtis’ secrets. “I know you. I raised you from a little baby.”

“I know.” He scowled, guilt gnawing at the lining in his stomach. How can I tell him? How can I break his heart? Like my father.

Waldor took his time to sip his tea as if waiting for Kurtis to open up.

Will I ever have the courage to leave? He cast a mournful eye around the small cottage, the only home he’d ever known. “Where is my father? Do you know?”

Waldor recoiled, looking like he’d been punched in the gut. “I don’t know.”

What do you know? What are you keeping from me? Kurtis paused before asking his next question, torn between his aversion to causing Waldor pain and desire for finding answers. “Do you know…Who is my mother?”

Something akin to fear, shame perhaps, lurked in Waldor’s eyes. He focused his intense gaze on Kurtis. “Yes.”

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-What inspired you to become a writer?

I always loved reading so writing became a natural extension of that love. I always enjoyed making up characters and assigning them physical and behavioural traits. I dreamed of writing something other readers would find entertaining and meaningful so I became a writer.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

I’d definitely want a tour of all my character’s residences. Waldor and Kurtis live in a cottage in Evanston, north of Chicago, with a Spell Laboratory in the basement. Corgan and Marisa live in an opulent, brick U-shaped house in the Park West neighborhood of Chicago that was built as an apartment building in the 1920s. Dresandra lives in the penthouse of a luxury condo building in the Lincoln Park neighborhood with some high-tech security measures.

-It’s two in the morning. What does your protagonist reveal in confidence? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

A wizard apprentice is forbidden to speak to, or in front of, women. Consequently, Kurtis is a virgin.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

Definitely Marisa, my writer from A Vampire’s Tale, as I think we’d have the most in common. Better make it a decaf coffee, though, Marisa’s pregnant.

-You’re in a tavern, and a dwarf challenges you to a duel. What do you do?

I’m not much for physical violence, personally. So, I’d turn it into a battle of wits like Vizzini versus the Man in Black in The Princess Bride. Except my battle of wits would involve a strategy board game…maybe Catan or Carcassonne…

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

I’d never write anything in the horror genre. It’s also a genre I never read. I’ve never liked watching scary movies. They give me nightmares. For years. And, I imagine, writing a horror story, which I would envision in my mind like a movie, would also terrify me.


Maya Tyler is a multi-published author of paranormal romance novels and blogger at Maya’s Musings. An avid reader, Maya writes the books she loves to read—romances! She still believes that “True Love's Kiss” is the most powerful thing in the world. Her paranormal romances come with complex plot twists and happily-ever-afters.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, listening to music (alternative rock, especially from the 1990s), practicing yoga, and watching movies and TV.

Find her online:

Maya loves to hear from fellow authors and readers! Please connect with her through social media (see links below) or the contact form on her website.



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Tuesday, August 27, 2019


by C.C. Bolick

Seventeen-year-old Rena Mason counts the days until she can leave for college. Every night her father drinks himself to sleep, leaving her to care for her younger brother. When her father is kidnapped by terrorists, her dreams of freedom become a nightmare.

Stunned that her father has a history with these terrorists, Rena knows she must run or be their next victim. She learns the tough guy at school has a reason to look after her - he's working for a government agency with the same goal as the terrorists: find a woman who disappeared eighteen years ago. Time is running out since only this woman's special gift can save the world from a looming nuclear attack.

Rena can't trust anyone, especially not the stone-cold agent she's falling for. Can they save the world before Rena's feelings trap her in an agent's fight for justice?

Fear Justice contains elements of fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal, with a clean romance. It's the first book in an exciting new series called The Fear Chronicles.

He smiled and held out a hand. “I’m Tony and no, I’ve never thought of myself as a nice guy.”

Staring at his outstretched hand, I hesitated. “Rena.”

Tony moved his hand closer and his eyes took on a look of intensity, as if daring me to shake his hand.

“What’s with the gloves?” I asked.

“Skin allergies. What’s with the hesitation?”

“Hesitation?” With defiance, I reached forward. “I’m not afraid of you.”

“What are you afraid of?”

As his hand gripped mine, my breathing sped and I fought to control my voice. Our skin wasn’t even touching. Hiding my feelings with Robbie had been easy, but this was… weird. “Why are you worried about who I date? You don’t even know me.”

“I know your name is Rena Mason. We’ve got physics together.”

A twinge of guilt caught me off-guard. “I haven’t noticed you before.”

“My dad taught me to blend in with my surroundings, like camouflage.”

“He was a hunter?”

“Not exactly, but he did teach me how to shoot before he left.”

“Left?” The instant his words were out, I felt a connection to him. It was a sadness that welled from deep inside, the knowledge that we were alike in a terrible way.

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-What are four things you can’t live without?

My family, my laptop, my books (not the ones I wrote), and sweet tea.

-What is your favorite television show?

Since my youngest child figured out how to operate the remote, the only shows I get to watch lately are on Nick Jr., Disney Jr., or PBS. Some of the best shows I’ve binge-watched are Arrow, Grimm, and The Blacklist.

-If you could be any character, from any literary work, who would you choose to be? Why?

Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice. No matter how many times I read P&P, I still swoon over Darcy. Their romance is the gold standard for me and I never tire of reading a new retelling. I’m always impressed by authors with enough faith in themselves to attempt a new take on that story.

-What have you got coming soon for us to look out for?

I’m currently working on book 2 of The Fear Chronicles, Fear Power. I’m also working on a super-secret book for my fans that will only be available through my website this summer. This bonus book will connect two of my other series and give fans more from the characters they love.

-What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

Jane Austen, Stephen King, Christopher Pike, Julie Kagawa, and a wealth of indie authors (which is most of what I read these days).

C.C. Bolick grew up in south Alabama, where she’s happy to still reside. She’s an engineer by day and a writer by night—too bad she could never do one without the other.

Camping, fishing… she loves the outdoors and the warm Alabama weather. For years she thought up stories to write and finally started putting them on paper back in 2006. If you hear her talking with no one to answer, don’t think she’s crazy. Since talking through her stories works best, a library is her worst place to write… even though it’s her favorite!

C.C. loves to mix sci-fi and paranormal—throw in a little romance and adventure and you’ve got her kind of story. She’s written nine books including the Leftover Girl series, The Agency series, and The Fear Chronicles.

Find her online:



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Thursday, August 22, 2019

REVELATIONS by Robert Sells

by Robert Sells

Aster Worthington is whisked away from delivering an astronomy lecture to a secret facility in New Mexico. There she spearheads a select group of scientists investigating First Contact with an alien civilization, in this case a message from an altruistic race called the Lambdons who are offering plans for a reactor giving humanity free energy. Humans build the reactor and, per the instructions from the message, house it in a massive Dome.

Seven years later strange things have been happening inside the Dome and Aster is sent in to investigate. She finds impossibly high buildings filling the interior and weird life forms inhabiting what should a sterile environment. Then the impossible happens: thousands of Lambdons are found inhabiting the Dome and they are not friendly at all. Now two civilizations are on a collision course and humanity is most definitely going to lose. The last hope of humanity? A two-thousand-year old scroll hidden by the church.

The Message

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence,” Stenton suggested.

“No. There won’t be coincidences in this message, Dr. Stenton,” said Demarco in a dismissive voice. He then went to the podium, which Henry ceded, tapped some keys and a moment later, the ones and zeros of the binary message aligned themselves in the form of a perfect square. With a flourish, Demarco pushed the last button. A black square appeared for every zero in the message and a white square for everyone. A black and white array appeared, rendering a clear, unambiguous picture of a planetary system. One with four planets, the second one from the sun circled.

“My God!” someone shouted from the back. “They sent us a picture.”

Henry smiled and yelled to Louis. “Hey, Louis, I told you a picture would be easy.”

Without taking his eyes off the screen, Demarco asked, “Is that the Lambda system, Dr. Worthington?”

Heads swiveled to Aster. She nodded. “Yes. That is the correct spacing for the Lambda star system.”

“Another large number after the last spacer. Different one, but the same number of bits,” Jeremy announced, speaking loud over the din.

Demarco did his magic again, and a humanoid body filled the screen, strikingly similar to a human, except for a slightly larger head. Their hands had three digits, not five.

“It’s them.”

“They’re like us.”

Someone from the back shouted, “The Lambdons.” Now the aliens had a face and a name.

Louis, however, scrunched his face in consternation. He shuffled close to the screen, studying it.

Aster watched the muttering biologist. “Louis, what’s wrong?”

Louis turned around, his face worried. “These Lambdons… they look like us.”

“Not exactly like us. They have three fingers and a larger head.”

“Too close,” mumbled the biologist.

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This book has a lot going on—biological warfare, the intersection of religion, science, and aliens. The alien contact is a lot on its own, but then all the uncertainty of whether the aliens are friend or foe. Of course, once they start getting violent, it’s kind of obvious, but the suspense was strong. I’ll just say right now that I’d rather not find myself still alive when the hostile alien takeover happens. Unless, of course, I’m certain to survive on the unscathed Earth. Probably optimistic.

While this book’s concept is a good one, it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. The thriller aspects weren’t ones I often enjoy. Despite my curiosity about what meeting aliens would be like, I’m really not a big fan of alien books. I will say that this seemed like a well thought-out, plotted, and paced story. It just wasn’t for me.

The characters were interesting. Faced with an alien takeover, I’m not sure I would have fared as well as any of them. Okay, I definitely wouldn’t have. I thought they made some poor decisions at points, but given the amount of pressure, it was believable, if frustrating.

The religion aspects were also interesting. I was reminded a little of Dan Brown’s work. Everything came together in a fascinating way that I won’t spoil. I recommend this book for fans of thrillers who like some sci-fi or fans of sci-fi who like a real “time is ticking” plot. Like I said, this one wasn’t for me, but my reading preferences aside, it was a thought-provoking and entertaining book.


Robert Sells has taught physics for over forty years, but he has been a storyteller for over half a century, entertaining children, grandchildren, and students. He has written the award-winning novel, Return of the White Deer, historical fiction about Penda of Mercia. His second fiction book, Reap the Whirlwind, was a thriller about the dawn of artificial intelligence and the subsequent decline of humanity. His third book, The Runner and the Robbery, was a young adult novel about a teenager and his grandfather who had Alzheimer’s disease. Revelations, a science fiction novel, is his fourth book.

He lives with his wife, Dale, in the idyllic village of Geneseo, New York with two attentive dogs who are uncritical sounding boards for his new stories. He is intrigued by poker and history, in love with Disney and writing, and amused by religion and politics.

Find him online:

-Amazon author page


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Wednesday, August 21, 2019


by Caroline Flarity

Sixteen-year-old Anna sees things from another world, the spiritual world, a skill that isn’t exactly useful in high school. It’s bad enough that her mother, possessed by a demon, took her own life when Anna was a child, a loss she remains tortured by. Now her father makes his living “clearing” haunted objects, and Anna’s job as his assistant makes her a social misfit. Most kids in her suburban New Jersey town refer to her just as “Goblin Girl.”

Only Freddy and Dor remain loyal friends. But Anna’s so focused on her own problems, she’s missed that her connection with Freddy is moving beyond the friend zone.

As junior year approaches, a rare solar storm lights up the night skies and the citizens of Bloomtown begin to act strangely: Anna’s teachers lash out, her best friends withdraw, and the school bullies go from mean to murderous. When Anna realizes she can harness this evil power, she sets out to save Bloomtown and the only family she has left.

But to do so, she must keep her own increasingly dark urges at bay.

“Want a new nick name?” Sydney asked. “How ‘bout Frankenskank?”

Damn. Anna had spent so much time on her eye makeup that morning that she forgot to cover her scar. Her fists clenched. She was microseconds away from smacking Sydney right in her perfect face. Her palm actually tingled in anticipation of the after-slap burn.

“All dressed up and no place to go,” Lyric sneered, indicating the cleavage exposed by Anna’s scoop neck.

“Except maybe a whorehouse!” Sydney yelled, attracting the attention of everyone in the commons who wasn’t already watching.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi. Breathe. Anna restrained herself, knowing that in her current state of mind one slap wouldn’t be enough. In fact, while the river raged, she might also decide to go ahead and slam Sydney’s head into one of the metal lockers, perhaps several times. Nausea rolled in Anna’s gut. She was disgusted by the burst of pleasure the violent fantasy brought her. She took her eyes off of Sydney’s smug face and scanned the commons. Was there a portal here, too? There must be, but Bloomtown High wasn’t on Saul’s list.

Anna forced herself to walk away from Sydney and Lyric, ignoring their parting sneers. Was she being paranoid or was everyone in the hallway gawking at her? Anna picked up her pace, her heart dropping into her churning stomach as she passed a blur of scornful faces. Everyone was looking at her, and the worst part—she thought about Craig’s snub that morning—was that she might know why.


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I’ll be honest. When I first started reading this, I wasn’t sure what I’d gotten into. The story concept seemed solid, and the setting was interesting. But the characters all just seemed so strange. The teen angst was there in a big way, and it wasn’t just the teens. Almost everyone was angry, and the choices people were making weren’t all working for me.

This book surprised me in a lot of ways. It’s subtle, masterfully subtle. There are a lot of big-picture issues in here that almost snuck by me. The author makes some bold statements but in a way that doesn’t preach. If you’re careful, you’ll see them, and they will wow you.

The story itself is also subtle. At first, I was rather annoyed with Anna. She seemed to be the most angsty, pissy teenager who ever went through hormonal changes. And the rest of her school seemed no better. I wanted to grab the entire place, shake it, and ask what was wrong with it.

In fact, this is exactly what I should have done. I won’t spoil, but this book went on to reveal explanations for just about every thing I disliked in its characters. And the explanation was good. It made perfect sense in the story. Like the issues this book touches on, it was so subtle that I missed it until it smacked me in the face. It really turned my opinion around.

There is some content some readers may find gross. This book isn’t necessarily for the weak of stomach. While the story did explain away most of my issues, there were still a few things that bugged me. Maybe I’m overly critical of teen thought processes. I’m perfectly willing to accept that my dislikes are 100% subjective. I really do recommend this book. Not in a shout it from the rooftop’s kind of way. More like in a “hey, I read this, and it resonated a couple of days after I finished it” way.


Caroline Flarity is a web content producer living in NYC. Her fascination with fringe topics and love of scary movies led her to begin her writing journey penning creepy screenplays. Her debut novel THE GHOST HUNTER'S DAUGHTER started life as a feature script, placing in the finals of the StoryPros Awards and as a semifinalist in Slamdance Film Festival's writing competition. She enjoys pitting her characters against both supernatural and cultural evils.

Find her online:



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